Details on Rainbow Six: Siege's Operation Ember Rise Revealed


During the Six Major Raleigh, Ubisoft released the full details of Rainbow Six: Siege’s next batch of year 4 content - Operation Ember Rise.

Included in Ember Rise is two new Operators - Amaru, an attack operator equipped with a Garra hook, and Goyo, a Defender Operator equipped with a Volcan Shield.

The Attacker Amaru’s Garra Hook is pretty much a grappling hook giving the player the ability to access any high position quickly, even barricaded windows. While Goyo’s Volcan Shield is a unique deployable shield that can be shot by any player to engulf the area in flames, destroying the shield and preventing access to attackers for a limited time.

Also coming in Operation Ember is the rework of the classic map Kanal, a map that many disliked because there was easy spawn kills that Defenders can exploit against attackers. The video above not only shows the changes to Kanal but how the two new Operators work.

Additional changes to the game

Operation Ember Rise will also feature changes to the games Ranked Mode and other quality of life changes aimed at improving the overall experience.

Additional updates include the following:

  • An all-new unranked playlist containing the same rules as Ranked without affecting players’ rank or MMR.

  • An all-new Champions rank

  • Map rotations have been reworked in Ranked, Casual and Unranked (Theme Park, Fortress, and Hereford Base removed. New Kanal added in)

  • Player Behavior updates to combat in-game toxicity

  • The Operators menu has been reworked

  • The shop interface has been improved

Also coming to Rainbow Six: Siege is the implementation of a Battle Pass, the trending reward system we see in Battle Royal games like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

It’s coming in two phases, and it’s starting with a short but free battle pass some time this season. Then, on Season 4, they will have a complete Battle Pass equipped with a free tier and a Premium tier progressing at the same time. I’m sure you know how it works but Ubisoft released a trailer to explain the system, which you can watch below.

The Test Server for Operation Ember Rise should be available to the community today, August 19.