Rainbow Six: Siege - Keeping Up With The Meta

Rainbow Six: Siege - Keeping Up With The Meta

In Rainbow Six: Siege, there’s a steep learning curve to climb to become a valuable asset to a team. Map knowledge, Operator mastery, easy and quick call outs - all of these are essential to improving at Siege, and the plethora of necessary skills are a major reason why this is one of the growing esports titles today.

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TMG Podcast Episode 107 – The Game Awards + PlayStation Experience + Cake


Lots of events happened last week - The PlayStation Experience? The Game Awards? Capcom Cup? We break it down in the second to the last show ever...for 2015.

Episode Breakdown

- Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Fat Princess Adventures - Star Wars Games - The Game Awards 2015 - PlayStation Experience 2015 - Capcom Cup 2015 Next week we are going to wrap up 2015. So the big question is pretty simple - What is your Game of the Year?

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