Capcom is Hosting Another Beta for Monster Hunter World Iceborne this weekend


Capcom is giving players one last chance to try out Monster Hunter World Iceborne before its launch starting this weekend.

PS4 players are first as they get to play the open beta this weekend while Xbox One players will have to wait next week to play the beta.

This beta is similar to the previous Iceborne beta as it again features the Great Jagras, Banbaro, and Tigrex hunts. Only this time, Capcom is adding the new Elder Dragon Velkhana to be hunted by players.

The beta will also give players a chance to play a section of the new map called Hoarfrost Reach. Also available are the new tools coming to the expansion such as the Clutch Claw which lets hunters quickly grapple onto a monster and the Raider Ride which is a mount for players to use to not only move around the map faster, especially when you are tracking the monster you are hunting.

Just like previous Monster Hunter World betas, completing each quest will grant your account with a free commendation pack which consists of meal vouchers and consumable items and they will be waiting for you when the expansion comes out.

If you plan to play the online beta with friends, PS4 players will need a PS Plus membership while Xbox One players will need an XBL Gold membership, but you can play the beta solo without it.

The online beta will be available for PS4 players starting on Friday, August 30, 3 AM ET / 3 PM GMT +8 and will end on Sunday, September 1, 2:59 AM ET / 2:59 AM ET GMT +8.

Xbox player will then be able to play the online beta starting on Monday, September 2, 3 AM ET / 3 PM GMT +8 and will end on Wednesday, September 4, 2:59 AM ET / 2:59 PM GMT +8.