Frostpunk's First Expansion Called The Rifts is Now Available


The city builder survival game by 11 Bit Studios has launched The Rifts, the first of three planned DLC content for Frostpunk.

The Rifts introduces a new Endless map to Frostpunk, giving players an added challenge to surviving the relentless cold. Expanding your city will be tough as the ravine map is divided in what seems to be unsettling landmasses that require bridges to connect your city to it. There are also added buildings and other mechanics to hopefully help you withstand the cold longer than your last campaign.

The Rifts is the first of three content expansions planned for Frostpunk’s Season Pass, which will cost you $25 for all of its contents when it launches. Or, you can just buy only The Rifts which cost only $5.

Frostpunk’s second paid DLC is called The Last Autumn, and it’s a brand new scenario with “all-new game-changing mechanics and unique architecture” says 11 bit studios. It’s planned for a Winter release this year.

The last paid DLC is called Project TVADGYCCJR and you can expect it in early 2020. The project’s title is said to be a code and the studio dares players to crack what it means - so get cracking. We will hear more about the third DLC after The Last Autumn’s release.

11 bit studios updated the game once more together with the launch of the Rift expansion by adding three new Endless Mode maps for free — Frozen Grove, Snowdrifts and Hanging Rock.

Frostpunk is a fantastic city builder and just can check out what we think about the game here.

Frostpunk is scheduled to launch on PS4 and Xbox One this October, but no word if the Season Pass content will be available for console players.