Fortnite Rescue Gets An Official Memorial From Epic Games


Last week, an entertaining event happened in Fortnite and developer/publisher Epic Games paid tribute to it in the most awesome way possible.

When player Chappadoodle got stuck in a gulch in the new desert biome, a streamer going by the name of MrMuselk kicked off a rescue mission. First he created a series of spiral staircases down to save Chappadoodle, but still couldn’t reach him. Then he got the bright idea to drive a golf cart down, letting him bounce off the roof onto the stairs and accidentally get knocked off the map.

The clip below is just a few minutes long and worth the watch. And yes, there’s no loud yelling in the clip so that means you’re safe to watch this in the office.

Seven days later, Epic Games memorialized the incident with a tombstone for Chappadoodle, which was discovered on the map by Reddit user StoreBrandEnigma. Epic acknowledged the find by recognizing their creation in the Reddit post, stating: “The legacy of Chappadoodle lives on.”

Not a lot of developers do things like this, at least not this quickly. The North Carolina-based studio and publisher has gained a rep for fixing things swiftly from major database problems to small quality of life issues, and it’s that swiftness that’s let them respond to hilarious player-induced spectacles with tributes like this.