Hidden Features In Silent Hill 2 Discovered By Players 17 Years Later


There are tons of classics revisited by fans to this day, even on their original platform, rather than on remastered ports. One of them is Silent Hill 2, arguably one of the best horror games of its generation. Apparently, the non-Japanese copy of Silent Hill 2 has a few secrets that were only found recently by players a full 17 years after the game's release. 

Twitter user punk7890 and bigmanjapansc discovered two hidden features in Silent Hill 2; a secret minimap and the ability to save anywhere.

In order to trigger these hidden features you must have a save file that has completed the Dog Ending.  After restarting the game, you'll have to set your controller type to "2"  and input specific button prompts to activate each feature. 

To trigger the mini-map, you'll need to input the following buttons: Start + L2 + Square + L3. Some say that that you'll encounter the minimap not popping up the first time, and suggests going to the inventory screen, then exiting the screen while already holding the Start button, then  applying the button sequence again. 

For you to save anywhere, this is a bit more complex. Once you have full control of your character, input the following buttons: D-Pad Left + Left Analog Stick Left + Right Analog Stick Left + L2 + L1 +L3. Doing the button sequence properly will trigger a special menu that will allow you to save the game at that point. 

It's crazy to hear people finding out hidden features in a game years later. These features are obviously dev tools added into the game for internal testing. These hidden features are exclusive to the original non-Japanese copy of Silent Hill 2. Fans have tried the Director's Cut and Xbox port and confirmed that it doesn't work, suggesting that devs removed the function for those versions of the game.

If you somehow have an original copy of Silent Hill 2, load up that old save file that finished the Dog Ending and try out these features for yourself.  And if you haven't finished the other endings yet, well that save anywhere feature will be extremely useful in correcting that.