Epic Games Just Released All of Paragon's Assets For Free

paragon assets.jpg

With the sudden popularity of Fortnite and the closure of Paragon, Epic Games makes another surprise move by releasing $12 million worth of Paragon assets for free in the Unreal Engine marketplace.

That's 20 high-quality character models complete with sound effects and dialogue, plus over 1,500 environmental components to tamper with. Developers, game creators, go nuts.

You can check out the official list of released assets here.  Epic Games has mentioned that more Paragon assets will be released during Spring and Summer of this year.

It's a great opportunity for aspiring game creators to test and get insight into the creation of these kinds of assets and how to implement similar models using the game engine Unreal Engine 4. 

Paragon will shut down its servers on April 26, but its characters and environments will live on as useable assets in Unreal Engine 4.