Fortnite Player Takes Out Rocket Viewing Party, Setting A New Solos Kill Record

Fortnite event

Fortnite players had something to look forward to this weekend. An in-game rocket launch was scheduled to happen and players logged in to hopefully catch the event live.

In one game, most of the players decided to call a truce just for the event. Instead of killing to see who will be the last player standing, most of them worked together to make a massive ramp in hopes to get the best seats in the area before the big launch. They did just that, but apparently one guy had other plans. 

Elemental_Ray, the now record holder for the most kills in Fortnite: Battle Royale's solo mode, took advantage of the in-game event and waited for the right time to destroy the structure that held 48 players. 

As the rocket launch, and with all players focused on watching the event, Elemental_Ray started destroying the foundations of the ramp, making the structure collapse and have all the players at the top of the ramp to fall to their deaths. It was shocking to see all of those players dying by the hands of one player, and of course someone recorded the massacre for all of us to watch. Check it out below.

Elemental_Ray's actions has now sparked a debate within the Fortnite community - did he ruined an in-game event for those that were watching? Or did he simply played the game as it was intended - to be the last player standing. It was a typical Fortnite: Battle Royale solos match that so happened to have an in-game event. 

The big crack in the sky

As for the event that took place, which you can also see in the video above, the rocket did launch and looked to be a successful one, but we then see it disappear then reappear, heading down. It eventually spiraled out of control and exploded, resulting in some kind of dimensional tear of sorts in the sky. 

People are still analyzing what this could be for the game's map, but so far there have been two more sightings of a tear that looks similar to the big one caused by the rocket. The scary part is that they are all growing. 

You can find the second crack next to Lonely Lodge. Many say it was hard to notice at the start but players soon realized it was growing to be just as large as the one seen in the sky.

The third tear can be found at the motel, which apparently has lost its sign, which many now believe these tears can swallow things objects. 

Time will tell on how this event will unfold. If it's like the meteor event that took place months ago, we might see a change in the game's map, which is a fantastic idea in order to keep things fresh for the community.