Two Marvel Games Just Got Snapped Out Of Existence On Digital Stores Everywhere


Looks like Activision's licensing agreement with Marvel doesn't feel so good, as today Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel, the Civil War inspired Ultimate Alliance 2 were delisted from digital stores everywhere.

This was kind of inevitable, as any licensed video game tends to not to remain on digital shelves forever. Other Marvel games that have come and gone include The Amazing Spider-Man games and Deadpool. So if you're one of those people who really like licensed games, you shouldn't put off buying them until it's too late. 

Some observers speculated this was happening sooner than later after the games went on sale on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam, taking it as a sign. And as far as we know, Activision has not provided any official word regarding the delisting.

Those who own these games can still play, of course. I know I will and for all of you out there, I'm going to log in and show those Masters of Evil a thing or two. I mean, the supervillains, not videogame publishers.