Marvel's Spider-Man's Asian Player Base Finally Gets Fantastic Four Suits

Earlier this week, Marvel’s Spider-Man received the 1.14 patch update, which at 230 MB, contained the promised Fantastic Four-themed content announced in December. It was in the form of two new Spidey suits, available free of charge to anyone who owns the game.

But while most of the world enjoyed the new Future Foundation suit and the Bombastic Bag-Man suit, those of us in Asia were left high and dry. Despite repeated check ins over the past few days, users such as myself could not secure the 1.14 update, with the application labeled “up to date.” Users from other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore also did not get the content.

And despite fans taking to Reddit and the official Twitter account of Insomniac Games’ to report the missing content, no response was given. However, this morning the 1.14 patch update was finally made available, though still no word has come in from Sony, Insomniac or Marvel as to why the update was delayed for players in the R3 / Asia region.

The late update is a little annoying, as it begs one to wonder what kind of legal or technical obstacle prevented it from landing when it did for everyone else, but it’s still nice that we got it anyway. The suits were developed as part of Marvel Entertainment’s “World’s Greatest Week,” in celebration of the Fantastic Four, the company’s first family of superheroes.

While Spider-Man hasn’t been depicted in popular film and TV as part of the Fantastic Four, the wondrous web-slinger has quite the relationship with them. Way back in the 60s, he tried to break into their headquarters and fight them as a misplaced kind of audition to join the team. Fifty years later he joined the Future Foundation, the family’s far out think tank and he wore a cool set of white and black duds.


But a more infamous moment was when he donned the get up of ‘the Bombastic Bag-Man!’ When the Fantastic Four helped him remove his infamous alien costume, Spidey was left in nothing but his underpants. So they lent him a spare Fantastic Four costume but to replace his mask, his best frenemy Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, gave him a grocery bag to wear on his head.

As mentioned, the Bombastic Bag-Man and Future Foundation suits are in the game as part of today’s 1.14 update for Asian players of Marvel’s Spider-Man. They’re free of charge and can be found unlocked in your suit menu. I recommend using the ‘quips’ power for the bag-man suit, because few things are as hilarious as a wise cracking man with his head in a paper bag.