Don't Miss Out On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Piranha Plant!


Register your copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by January 31st on your Switch to redeem the surprise photosynthetic DLC fighter, the ravenous, anarchistic Piranha Plant!

Upon release yesterday, I’ve put a few hours into this feral flower, and I'm seriously considering picking it up as a secondary fighter.

The Plant does not care if you side with Mario or Bowser. It will fling spiky balls at you, get you off-stage with its extending down-special, then pummel you with a powered-up back-aerial attack before finishing you off with its ultra-fast down-air spike. It is a beastly blossom with beefy ground attacks, heavy weight, a great recovery, and respectable frame data, whose only real weakness is its slow movement speed. If you miss your last chance to nab this potted plant, you'll have to wait until a later, as yet unknown date to chomp up the competition!

If you haven't updated to Ultimate’s 2.0.0 firmware yet, please make sure to back up your saved replays as rendered Videos, lest you lose them, before applying the update. Also, be sure to check out Nintendo's patch notes, which they've finally provided for the first time in Smash history, incomplete though they are, proving that if we Smashers put down our controllers long enough to ask Nintendo, we sometimes do receive.

Happy Smashing!