Marvel's Spider-Man Gets Length Confirmed By Developer Insomniac


The community director for Insomniac Games, James Stevenson, just revealed that Marvel's Spider-Man will take 20 hours to beat. Stevenson gave the figure while answering questions on Twitter.

Now while mature gamers know that game length isn't everything -- I'm not sure if my life is significantly more enriched by 300 hours of Borderlands 2 than by 7 hours of Max Payne 2 -- but it's important to note that this figure was the average taken from multiple playtesters.

Stevenson added that the number is based on how long it takes for someone to beat the game on the default "Amazing" difficulty -- as opposed to the easier "Friendly Neighborhood" difficulty or more challenging "Spectacular" difficulty -- while doing only some of the quests, activities and challenges. 

Players who aim to engage with more content or take their sweet time will take a lot longer to finish the game. So basically, if you're hoping to beat the game over the weekend when it releases exclusively on PS4 on September 7, it's totally possible.