It Only Took Less Than a Week for World of Warcraft Classic's Ragnaros to Be Beaten


World of Warcraft Classic — a revival of the first batch of content released back in 2004 — launched on August 26, 2019, and it only took a raid of 40 people to beat the colossal boss Ragnaros.

Take note that the level cap is 60, so an Alliance guild with the name <APES> organized a raid group with a raid composition that consists of 3 tanks and 12 healers. To make matters more interesting, not all of the players in this raid group reached the level cap as Molten Core, World of Warcraft’s first raid content, allows players to enter its depths at level 55.

This was reported by Wowhead and the guild APES — who is based on the Gehannas EU server — was also able to snag the Worlds First kill on Onyxia, another iconic raid boss also found in Molten Core.

You can watch the kill below. It was a 6-minute fight.

If you know World of Warcraft, raids can be tough. And it’s crazy that all of that content was rushed in less than a week. But then again, this is the first batch of content Blizzard released for World of Warcraft and it’s to be expected with a community that loves the race for being proclaimed the first group in the world to beat a specific raid content.

To add more in the world of world firsts in World of Warcraft Classic, the MMORPG had its first level 60 player roaming its lands 3 days after it’s launch by a Gnome player called Jokerd.