MU Origin 2's Filipino Version and Magic Gladiator Class Now Live


A new version of the world's top mobile MMORPG is coming! With over one million players in the Philippines, WEBZEN has brought MU Origin 2 to new heights with the introduction of a new class - the Magic Gladiator. Along with this comes various new gameplay features, more Alliance contributions, and many PK modes just waiting to be explored.

Players all over the world are experiencing the rebirth of MU with this new iteration.  Classic elements made with gorgeous visuals and movie-level detail recreate the nostalgia while instilling a fresh look into the series for both new and returning players. With the game having launched in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Mainland China, and Russia, MU Origin 2's popularity has reached an all time high. Hitting the top 3 spot of the multi-country income list in Southeast Asia alone.

The game features five major classes, Swordsman, Mage, Archer, Diviner, and now the new Magic Gladiator. Each with their own characteristics, skills and special abilities. The new Magic Gladiator class holds its own set of unique abilities of M. Atk, P. Atk., and two stats of STA and INT, giving it the strength and skills of a Swordsman and the spells and power of a Mage.

Not only does MU Origin 2 welcome this new and powerful class, but has also included a special Filipino version exclusive to the Philippines, as well as the ability of cross-server gameplay for the Abyss Roland City: Abyss Roland Lord, couple mode, couple skills, and so on. New wild maps will also be present in the Abyssal Realm: Goddess Cape and Tahm Temple, along with new bosses Darknight Wave Witch and  Phantom Prince are waiting for you to challenge them!

If you’re an MU Warrior, don't forget to follow the MU Origin 2 fan page to catch new updates and interesting activities to claim rewards that are waiting for you. Such rewards include the exclusive title "Proud Pinoy", mounts, costumes, and many more valuable in-game items.

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