The Division 2's Episode 2 DLC arrives next week without the second raid


On October 15, 2019, Massive Entertainment will launch The Division 2’s Title Update 6, which is a massive content drop that includes the Episode 2 DLC, a new Specialization, improvements to the loot system, improvements to the Dark Zone, and more.

Title Update 6 will include Episode 2, which adds two new Main Missions and will be available next week for Year 1 season pass owners first. Non-season pass owners will have to wait until October 22 to progress in The Division 2’s story.

The content patch will also feature a new Specialization called The Technician, the game’s second post-launch Specialization which is equipped with a specialized missile launcher that has the ability to lock-on multiple targets before firing. The Technician class is also equipped with EMP grenades, a new variant for the Hive skill, and other abilities to make it play as a support class compared to the rest.

Players who bought the Year 1 pass will also get two new Classified Assignments and the Technician Specialization instantly locked. Those that did not opt for the pass will need to go through the Special Field Research system to unlock the new class.

The second raid delayed to 2020

Announced in State of the Game — Division 2’s weekly stream update from the developers via Twitch — Massive Entertainment have delayed the game’s second raid into 2020. Based on the feedback on Operation Dark Hours, the game’s first raid, the developers decided to take some time in developing the second one to meet community expectations. No exact date was given.

A free weekend event is coming up for those interested in trying out the game on PC and Xbox One. It goes live on October 17 to 21. You can preload the game starting October 15 on both platforms.