PlayStation Plus In Asia Will Be Getting A Price Increase Starting August 1


On August 2019, expect PlayStation Plus to be higher than usual as Sony plans to increase the subscription cost for not only in Asia but in Europe as well.

It was reported via psnprofiles that several PSN users from Europe received emails informing them that there will be an increase in PSN Plus prices starting August 1. Soon after, the price hike for Asia regions, like Hong Kong, was officially confirmed.

PS Plus has three types of subscription options — 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months— and all three of them are getting affected.

In Asia, Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Thailand are confirmed to be affected by the increase. the increase affects each country differently. For Japan, prices will go from ¥514 to ¥850 for a one-month subscription, a three-month subscription will go to ¥2150 , while the one-year subscription will stay at ¥5143.

if you check out the links above you will see the price breakdown in each region as well as the semi-discreet announcement by Sony.

The last price increase was back in 2017, which affected Europe and Asia by increasing the price from 10-25% depending on the region.

Will the price be justified as we draw closer to the end of the PS4’s life cycle? The talk of the PS5 is slowly ramping up and with PS3 and PS Vita games no longer offered in the service, we wonder what Sony has planned to keep their online service appealing enough.