Overwatch's Lucio-Oh Cereal Is Actually Real


The rumored Overwatch Lucio-Oh’s cereal that we all for breakfast is actually true.

Right before the start of Blizzcon 2018’s opening ceremony, Blizzard confirmed the partnership with Kellogg’s to launch Lucio-Oh’s on December 3.

And just like any sugar-y breakfast comes a bonus. It’s not a toy where you have to rifle through all the cereal but a loot box boost for your Overwatch account. The boost simply gives rewards the player with two loot boxes per level compared to the traditional one. The boost lasts for only three levels.

Based on the details at the side of the cereal box, you must have purchased a box of Lucio-Oh’s during December 3 to December 31, 2018 to avail of the bonus. Then upload a picture with your receipt here, and wait up to three days for your boost to kick in.

Sadly, this is only available in the US, but you never know, we just might see some Lucio-Oh’s boxes shipped to other parts of the world. Wishful thinking and hopefully more breakfast-related promotions to fuel not only your start of the day, but your game’s account as well.