TMG Podcast Episode 176 - A Toxic Gaming Community Has No Chill

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Carlos and Matthew are accompanied by Jammi in this episode of the TMG Podcast. It's a heavy discussion for 176 as we tackle toxic communities in the video game industry. The competitive side, the role of content creators in them, and how transparency with the developers would be difficulty in its current state. 

We also talk about Tacoma and games marked as "Walking Simulators" and give a glimpse of what we've played in Guild Wars 2's second expansion titled Path of FIre. 


  • Tacoma
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Toxic Gaming Communities
  • Content Creators/Streamers responsibility
  • Developer and their community when it comes to communication and managing expectations

References to the discussion in this episode:

Gamers like PewDiePie are why I don’t play online

OVerwatch Developer Update - Play Nice, Play Fair

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