It's True, Overwatch's Next Hero is Torbjörn's Daughter Brigitte


I don't really follow Overwatch closely, but somehow people got it into their heads that the next hero for Overwatch could be no one other than Brigitte, the daughter of Torbjörn whose most meaningful appearance was in the "Honor and Glory" short that starred Reinhardt. Well today, Blizzard confirmed that their tease has been true. All of it. 

Brigitte joins Overwatch as a flail-wielding support on the play test realm (PTR) before making her eventual crossover to the main servers. Looking at her kit, she's one of the tankier supports to be had in the game. Her repair packs heal allies and can grant armor beyond their maximum health. She has a barrier shield that can absorb a limited amount of damage but can also be using with a dash to stun enemies. Her flail attacks also grant heal over time and she can rally allies to grant them armor. 

Blizzard's confirmation came in the form of an Origin Story short and a Developer Update from Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan. In the Developer Update, Kaplan not only describes Brigitte's backstory and the team's intentions for her design, but teaches us how to pronounce her name. It's "Bri-gee-tuh." Kaplan says, "She counters a lot of heroes that are very powerful right now. We think she'll really mix up the way that the game's being played both casually and competitively at the highest levels."