Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Joins Xbox's Play Anywhere Program


Ever since Microsoft announced it's "Play Anywhere" initiative, there've been about 60 games -- give or take a few -- that have made use of it.

For the 70 million of you who don't own Windows 10 PCs or Xboxes, Play Anywhere is basically Microsoft's version of Cross Buy / Cross Play except for devices that haven't been forgotten like the millions of PS Vitas crying like illegal immigrants forgotten inside a shipping container. With Play Anywhere you get to keep your progress across your desktop and living room console. 

Last night, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite dropped into the Windows store -- prior to that the crossover fighter was available on PC exclusively on Steam -- and its been added to the libraries of people who already own the game digitally on Xbox One. However, this version of the game is a Windows 10 exclusive, meaning it's an "app" that uses the Universal Windows Platform or UWP framework. indows Platform) app, so that might bring performance problems or installation oddities, with all the benefits and problems that might imply.