Hunt: Showdown will launch on August 20 for Xbox One and PC


Crytek’s eerie multiplayer game Hunt: Showdown will be released on August 20 for Xbox One and PC for $39.99, with a PS4 version expected to hit sometime this fall (September - November)

Hunt launched in Steam’s Early Access back in February 2018 and Xbox Game Preview back in May of this year. Since their release in early access, the multiplayer game received 20 updates and patches, adding in a new boss, a new map, day and night hunts, Quick Play mode, new weapons, and some improvements to the monster’s AI.

For those who bought Hunt: Showdown during the early access period will receive an exclusive legendary weapon skin.

Crytek is also partnering with Kock Media to release physical copies of the game. They didn’t go into details on how limited they will be or if it will be available only to certain regions.

For those unaware, Hunt: Showdown is a first-person multiplayer-only shooter that pits up to ten players — either solo or with a partner — to compete in taking the bounty of a specific monster.

Once a player/s takes the bounty, other players can reclaim it as their own by killing the player/s before he extracts out of the map. There are different kinds of monsters that populate the map that keeps you on your toes from start to finish and to make matters worse - dying in a match results in you losing your hunter character for good.

It’s a unique shooter that has great shooting mechanics and makes in-game sounds a vital tool to either be defensive or aware of your surroundings.

[Source: Gematsu]