The Steam Summer Sale 2019 could go live this week


Another Steam sale another leak as to when it will go live. The 2019 Steam Summer Sale is expected to start on June 26, GMT+8 at 1 AM / June 25 at 10 AM PST / June 25 1 PM EST.

The start date of the sale came from Steam Database , a reliable source that have leaked key information like live dates of Steam events with accuracy so far.

Last year’s Steam Summer Sale ran from June 21st to July 5th, so the leaked date isn’t so far off as to when Steam usual launches the sale.

You can expect the usual theme and gimmick mechanics to encourage engagement in their online store during the Summer sale. Also, With The Epic Games Store recently concluding their first ever Epic Mega Sale, there’s a chance Steam will step up their game this time around to be just as appealing to PC players.

So, yeah, just a couple of days from now. If it does go live - Good luck to us all.