Here Are A few Tips Before Playing Days Gone

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Bend Studio’s Days Gone can be tough without preparation. It’s an open world game where you set out on your bike and use what you have and what you’ve picked up along the way to survive the harsh world. The game does a good job explaining the basic functions, but before you visit the now bleak Farewell Wilderness, Here are a few added Days Gone tips you’ll need to make your visit a tiny bit easier.

Do Ambush Camps the moment you find them

As you explore the Farewell Wilderness you will come across Ambush Camps who have a number of hostile humans settled there. Clearing them will give you access to their underground bunker (each one has one, for some reason) and inside it always contains a new crafting blueprint for Deacon.

The more blueprints you have, the more options when crafting useful items on the spot. This is where you can get crafted weapons, buffs, and even traps.

Work towards unlocking your bike’s ammo pouch

One of the things you can upgrade in your bike is the addition of an ammo pouch, which simply maxes out your ammo for all your guns equipped for a number of times. Once you have it, you can only refill Deacon with ammo once and can be upgraded further to a maximum of three. Refilling y our ammo pouch can be expensive, but knowing you have ammo back where you left your pick is better than savaging for some, especially during a fight.

Clear Infestation Nests to make fast travel possible

There’s no teleportation button unlike other open world games. In Days Gone, you can fast travel to a camp from your location as long as you have no Infestation Nests in your route to the camp. If you happen to go to a new area for a mission and happen to come across a few nests, take some time to clear them out so that you can fast travel back once you are done with the mission.

Molotov cocktails is your go-to when clearing them out, but gas canisters work too!

Unlock the ability to repair your melee weapon

You’ll be able to wield bats and 2x4’s as a weapon and these can break the more you use it to bash zombie brains. Crafted weapons deal more damage but can also break so picking up the Field Repairs skill, which is available at the very start in the first tier of melee skills. It will make use of your gathered scraps but it’s better to have the option to repair your melee weapon on the fly than having it break on you and is left with your knife.

Disable speakers around Nero research sites before turning them on

Days Gone is filled with Nero research sites, mobile laboratories used to study the infected during the year the outbreak started. They are now abandoned and is locked. In order to unlock it, you need to turn on the lab’s generator, which needs fuel. But before turning it on, remember to take out the speakers attached to the lab as they will blast sounds and attract nearby freakers.

You kinda don’t want that, especially if there’s a horde nearby.

Go up the roof and disable them. Or, if you are feeling lazy and have ammo to spare, you can shoot them right off.

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There’s a lot to know about this game. Here are a few more that you should take note when exploring the world of Days Gone:

  • Police cars always have ammo available in their trunks and ambulances always have medkits.

  • If you are in need of gas, revisit claimed Ambush camps or Nero lab sites nearby, they always have a gas canister lying around.

  • unlocking new items to craft also unlocks their crafting item in the world. For example - you can loot a car’s car alarm once you unlock the Attractor item.

  • Each camp has their own separate currency, so keep that in mind when doing missions.

  • Turn in bounties or food if you are a few credits short in earning your new bike upgrade, or buying a new weapon. It’s also a good boost to use them if you are a few trust points away from the camp’s next level of trust with deacon.

  • You only need to buy one type of gun once and it will be unlocked and available to you in your weapons locker.

  • When using rocks to distract guards, you can hold the button before throwing to see where it will land and also know which guard will be affected by the rock. If a guard is highlighted where you will throw it, he will be affected.

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Days Gone is available exclusively on the PS4.