For Honor's Next Hero is a Viking Class Called a Jormungadr


Ubisoft continues to update their melee-focused online game For Honor with the inclusion of a Jormungandr, a Viking sectarian that is devoted to the great serpent.

Ragnarok is coming and it looks like these Jormungandr isn’t fazed by what’s to come. The female Jormungandr is named Hulda and the male Jormungandr is called Gretar, and both wield a war hammer to the fray.

Along with the new Jormungandr viking class comes a new Breach map called Storr Stronghold, a Viking fortress.

Just like previous updates for For Honor, Year 3 Season 3 will also come with a series of balance changes and updates to the current roster.

Ubisoft is going to hold a first look at Year 3 Season 3 on a Warrior’s Den special episode on For Honor’s official Twitch channel on Thursday, July 25 at 9 AM PT.