Phantom Brigade Is A "Cinematic" Mech Combat Tactics Game


Much as I loved Harebrained Schemes’ Battletech, I always felt that there was a flair for drama that could have supported the thoughtful writing and satisfying management mechanics. In Phantom Brigade, Brace Yourself Games is making a similar game that also wants to escalate the emotional stakes as much as it explodes the battlefield.

First unveiled in 2016 by Tetragon Works, Phantom Brigade has since been acquired by Brace Yourself following a merger between the two studios. Brace Yourself Games made their fame with Crypt of the Necrodancer, the cult hit rhythm based dungeon crawler.

Phantom Brigade takes place during a war where the losing side only has one surviving squad of mech pilots left. As the opposing faction encroaches on their homeland, this squad must rely on guerrilla tactics if they are to have a chance at repelling these invaders. The cinematic teaser below gives us a taste of the action, with sequences that demonstrate that the squad is struggling to keep up while protecting the innocent lives in harm's way.

Mechs will be fully customizable, as is generally the preference for these kinds of games, letting you paint and kit your war machines however you like. The premise suggests you'll always be outgunned and outnumbered and resources will be limited, ensuring that hard choices will be made, on and off the battlefield.

We’ve not a clue as to when Phantom Brigade will launch, but you can follow the game on its Steam page and official site. Those of you thirsting for a closer look at some of its systems should check out Tetragon developer Chad Jenkins’s old YouTube channel, featuring lots of footage from a pre-merger alpha build.