GOG's Back To School Sale Features Daily Deals To Drive You Mental


GOG is having a “Back to School” sale that slashes prices on over 500 games. Currently live until September, the sale also features a series of Flash Deals that put some of their games at even lower prices than they’ll be listed for the duration of the sale. That happens every hour on the hour.

That’s right, so while The Witcher 3: Game of The Year Edition is going for 60 percent off and XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack is at 80 percent off, there’s a chance they could go even lower for a hot second. Blink and you’ll miss it and all that, is the situation, so be sure to visit GOG regularly throughout the week.

Other star items include Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock at 50 percent off, Darkest Dungeon at 60 percent off and Battletech at 30 percent off. Even bigger deals are Darksiders: Warmastered Edition at 85 percent off, Sherlock Holmes and the Devil’s Daughter at 70 percent off and Shadowrun: Hong Kong at 75 percent off.

GOG is the retail destination for DRM-free games, which means you can play them without online verification and copy them freely to your other computers for your convenience. Keep in mind though that GOG does not practice regional pricing – one of the conditions of being able to keep some publisher’s games DRM-free.

As such, PH users should do some price comparison with Steam and other stores before making their purchases, unless they’re rebels with unequivocal support for DRM-free gaming and just DGAF.