[Updated]Sony looks back at the evolution of PlayStation

playstation-logo [UPDATE] - A new video was released which focuses on the classic games of PlayStation.

Ever since Sony informed the world that they have a big announcement planned on February 20, they have been releasing YouTube videos looking back at the history of PlayStation,  making it more clear that this big meeting happening this week could potentially be the next PlayStation console reveal. Each video gives us a quick history lesson of how PlayStation has evolved through the years, talking about each hardware released so far.

The Beginning

PlayStation 2

PlayStation Portable and Playstation Vita

PlayStation 3

Evolution of PlayStation: Games


Sony is keeping quiet about this February 20 announcement but it's pretty clear at this point that we'll be seeing the next PlayStation. If not, then they sure fooled us. The PlayStation 3 was released in 2005, so another console coming in on 2013 sounds about right, what's surprising is that it's rumored to be available at the end of the year.

I'm ready for another PlayStation console. While I do think the PlayStation 3 has a couple of years left, It's about time we see a glimpse on how the next generation of gaming would look like in the future. For me, as long as it's not motion control heavy and still requires you to have a controller to play, I'm all good.

This big announcement is coming on February 20, 6PM Eastern Standard Time, which is February 21 at 6 AM in the Philippines.

[Source: Playstation US]


PSP Multi-Functional Bag


As I said in my most latest Recent Buys post, I got me a PSP bag.

It was on sale at ToyKingdom for 250php and having only a dinky PSP foam case from Japan Home Center, I thought to myself "what the heck".

The bag sports a removable padded flap with 2 bands to hold your PSP. The flap has some Velcro on the side and the bag has 2 layers where you can stick the flap to. One being on the very bottom and the other being in the middle of the bag space. The top cover has a zippered mesh pocket and a Velcro sealed pocket on the inside of the bag by the back end. Included with the bag is a shoulder strap that you can clip on the outside rings on the bag so you can tote your PSP bag hands free.

PSPBag_03 The box says that the bag is for the PSP 2000 and 3000 models but if you got one of them fat PSP 1000s, you're good. I found it funny that the box shows a Region 2 mark on it's side. I doubt bags are region locked so no worries there.


Recent Buys: Episode 17 - PSP Bag and Dual Shocks

RB17 01

The Christmas season has just passed and I got my hands on a bit of Christmas cash. Though not exactly the best haul, these items serve their purpose.

I finally man-ed up and bought a pair of brand new PS2 controllers. The CD-RKing controllers still work fine but nothing beats the real thing. Instead of going for the generic black or solid colored controllers, plus my fetish for clear plastic, I chose to get them in clear colored plastic under the names "Emerald" and "Lemon Yellow".

RB17_02 While I was lugging my PS2 controllers around the store, I also saw that they had a PSP bag on sale. Having some extra cash on hand and with the bag not going for much, I just grabbed it's box and went to the cashier. I got the bag and both controllers in ToyKingdom, Vmall.

Before my little ToyKingdom escapade, I got another item while I was in Tacloban, Leyte for the holidays. A funny little gaming shirt I saw in the mall. I posted it on our Facebook page not too long ago but here it is again in case you missed it.


In this video, I'm testing out my new PS2 controllers as well as doing a test recording of my PS2 using my AverMedia HD PVR.


I was hustled, man! The PSP Analog Stick Story

 Aside from all the things in my latest Recent Buys post., I did have to pay for something else and I swear this one is videogame related.

As you know, I got my PSP-3000 2nd hand. It's a bit scuffed up at the side but other than that the console is in great condition plus the price I got it for was a steal. However something wasn't quite perfect, the analog stick was a bit wonky. Not wonky enough to the point of games being unplayable but imperfections in inputs would bug me from time to time so I took it to one of the many shops in Greenhills VMall 3rd floor to have the darn thing replaced. My first choice of console repairs would have to be EYO but I was feeling cheap at the time and there were a lot of people waiting in line as it was the weekend of course. So I strolled around a bit and went to a shop where I remember my cousin had his fat DS d-pad and battery replaced. Asked how much a PSP-3000 analog stick replacement would cost and the guy said 600php, my face froze. After the guy saw my silent reaction he said he'd do it for 400php. After what seemed to be about a month the analog stick was fine, however a new problem arose. My d-pad would stick when I would hold either left, right, or up for a certain amount of time. I first noticed it when I playing Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. X just ran down the edge of a cliff one time even after I let go of the direction. Other times he'd run straight into an enemy and take damage. I thought that maybe they just closed up the system the wrong way and misaligned the pad rubber or something. Finally the frustration of having to fight my d-pad took over and I brought it to EYO to have it looked at. I was told that problems like that usually meant that the d-pad membrane itself was busted and that replacing it would cost 800php. I painfully agreed. After an hour passed I returned to the shop and I was told that the problem wasn't due to a fault d-pad membrane but one of the connectors of the analog stick had snapped and was messing with the d-pad. I was also told that the analog stick used wasn't original. They wondered why what looked to be a new part broke so easily. To be fair, I didn't even do any crazy analog stick motions after I got it replaced the first time. The analog stick that EYO replaced was supposed to cost 1200 but since the false information was given by the clerk, she said that she'd accept 850php instead and pay for the remaining expense so that she won't take the beef from her boss.

Lesson learned, the next time something from my consoles gives out to always bring it to EYO. When my DS Lite got waterlogged, they fixed it. When my fat PSP was on the fritz, they fixed it. If the problem is price, I just have to man up and pay for it cause at least I'm assured about the quality of their service.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact (PSP) - Impressions

rasengan breasts Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact, the current Naruto game by CyberConnect2 on the PSP. Naruto games by CyberConnect2 are action packed, over the top, fighting games with controls that are simplistic but with enough depth to keep both casual players and those willing to take it a step further around. That isn't quite the case here.

To be honest I was a little excited about this game. After seeing the trailer shown at TGS 2011, I was expecting this to be the portable version of Ultimate Ninja Storm while thinking that the horde mode shown would be just a game mode for the story mode. But that new "rush mode" system IS the whole game. When starting a level, you deal with a bunch of stupid grunts ala Dynasty Warriors. Thing is that the mindless grunts in Dynasty Warriors have more brains (and health) than the grunts in this Naruto game. Characters basically have one combo with barely a hand full of special moves and one ultmate move. Now while everything is gorgeously animated and highly over the top, you will be sick of it after just one mission with each characters, maybe even less.

Now it may sound as if I am hating on this game for not meeting my expectations which is true but I am slowly enjoying this game. The enemies are butt easy so the only real challenge is the actual boss fights which pits you against significant characters in the story. On normal (the game's default difficulty) it's a tad too easy and since the only other difficulty available at the start are 'Easy' and 'Normal', you're kinda stuck with that for the moment. I'm only at Chapter 2 (starts at Chapter 0) which isn't very far so I am hoping that the game has much more to offer since previous Ultimate Ninja / Narutimate Hero games have impressed me before but there is a glaring fault in this game that is haunting and will continue to haunt my playthrough and that is a lack of an auto-save feature. Seriously, how hard could that have been to include?