Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact (PSP) - Impressions

rasengan breasts Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact, the current Naruto game by CyberConnect2 on the PSP. Naruto games by CyberConnect2 are action packed, over the top, fighting games with controls that are simplistic but with enough depth to keep both casual players and those willing to take it a step further around. That isn't quite the case here.

To be honest I was a little excited about this game. After seeing the trailer shown at TGS 2011, I was expecting this to be the portable version of Ultimate Ninja Storm while thinking that the horde mode shown would be just a game mode for the story mode. But that new "rush mode" system IS the whole game. When starting a level, you deal with a bunch of stupid grunts ala Dynasty Warriors. Thing is that the mindless grunts in Dynasty Warriors have more brains (and health) than the grunts in this Naruto game. Characters basically have one combo with barely a hand full of special moves and one ultmate move. Now while everything is gorgeously animated and highly over the top, you will be sick of it after just one mission with each characters, maybe even less.

Now it may sound as if I am hating on this game for not meeting my expectations which is true but I am slowly enjoying this game. The enemies are butt easy so the only real challenge is the actual boss fights which pits you against significant characters in the story. On normal (the game's default difficulty) it's a tad too easy and since the only other difficulty available at the start are 'Easy' and 'Normal', you're kinda stuck with that for the moment. I'm only at Chapter 2 (starts at Chapter 0) which isn't very far so I am hoping that the game has much more to offer since previous Ultimate Ninja / Narutimate Hero games have impressed me before but there is a glaring fault in this game that is haunting and will continue to haunt my playthrough and that is a lack of an auto-save feature. Seriously, how hard could that have been to include?