Buy The Upcoming Twisted Metal And Get Twisted Metal: Black For Free

David Jaffe, co-director of the new Twisted Metal for the PS3 showed up on the Playstation Blog once again but this time with good news. The Twisted Metal creator brings us yet another message via video announcing that each copy of the new Twisted Metal will include a free downloadable copy of Twisted Metal: Black.

He also wishes every Twisted Metal fan a Merry Christmas and at the same time got side-tracked a bit for food stamps... Anyways, well that's good news.  free games are always welcome and hopefully it sticks and doesn't follow EA for trying to pull a fast one at the last-minute.

I know it's been awhile and you might have forgotten it already, but the new Twisted Metal is coming on Valentines Day, February 14, 2012 exclusively for the PS3.


[Source: Playstation Blog US]