New Tales of game announced in Japan: Tales of Zestiria

ToZ-Announce-Logo Namco Bandai has lift the lid on their next Tales of title and it's called Tales of Zestiria for the PS3. No release date was announced but a lot of detail was released during the reveal as well as a trailer.

Following the announcement from Japan, Namco confirms a worldwide release for Tales of Zestiria, marking this title as the first in the series to be released simultaneously for both western and Japan markets. This game will be their 20th anniversary title for the series.

Two characters were revealed during the presentation as well. No confirmation if this serves as two main characters with different perspective similar to Tales of Xillia.






























During the reveal, Namco also mentioned the dragon shown at the end of the trailer is a very important part of the game's story, thus having a dragon as the logo. Of course they didn't go into much detail. More details of Tales of Zestiria will be shared in the upcoming issue of Famitsu.

[Source: PS Blog EU, VG247]

Get Hyped for Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS Full Boost

fuffboosto 02 Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS Full Boost is an expansion to Gundam EXTREME VS that was released on the PS3. Aside from new characters too choose from and a few balance tweaks and changes, it also introduces a few new features absent from the previous game,

Each mobile suit has a new Burst Attack move and the ability to pick from two types of Extreme Burst modes, the A-type Assault Burst and B-type Blast Burst. A few mission modes have been added as well as an improved online netcode and the ability to play the arcade mode co-op online.

There will be are 90 playable mobile suits in the game and what looks to be a few new moves for some characters. I've been playing the Gundam VS games since the SEED versions and Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus is one of my favorite games of all time. I also currently own Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS on the PS3 and will surely pick up Full Boost as soon as I can. If you own a PS3 and like the Gundams, this is an easy recommendation. The game will be in Japanese only so you may need to import it but I'm sure you won't regret it. Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS Full Boost comes out in Japan on January 30, 2014.

We have a few videos of Gundam EXTREME VS on our main youtube channel. Check them out.

Free Ni No Kuni DLC coming this Feb 12

Ni No Kuni-ss Ni No Kuni just got released last week for the Playstation 3 and I'm sure most of you are playing right now. Well, if your loving the game so far, you might want to check out the Playstation Store on February 12 for some free DLC.

Publisher Namco Bandai just announced that you can download the Draggle Familiar free of charge on the Playstation Store when it gets available. With an industry now filled with paid DLC's at every corner, it's good to see every now and then free content, even though it's as simple as a new familiar for your game.

A new trailer was also released to get a glimpse of Oliver's adventure to another world. From what I'm hearing, this is turning out to be one of the best JRPG's to hit this generation. And that soundtrack...

[Source: Polygon]

Dark Souls DLC coming to consoles

Dark Souls DLC It was announced a month ago that Dark Souls will be heading to the PC with added content. Titled the "Prepare to Die" edition, the new content includes new equipment, new locations, and best of all, new bosses to kill you over and over again. Now when this was revealed, people wondered if console players would get the same treatment but in a form of DLC. Well they made it official, the content will come, but sometime around winter. No official date yet, but we do know it will cost $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points. The new content will also be called Artorias of the Abyss expansion for consoles.

If you love Dark Souls enough that you still have it around your room, I suggest you keep it until the end of the year. That much content for only 15 bucks is a complete steal.

The wait for the DLC is pretty long. If you can't wait, you could just get the PC version which is schedule for an August 24 release. Just make sure you have a game controller for your PC. Playing Dark Souls with a keyboard and mouse just doesn't sound right.


[Source: Playstation Universe]