New Persona 4 Toys

p4 toys A friend of mine was getting rid of some figures and statues from her collection and I decided to take some of the Persona 4 stuff she had for sale. All 3 items were things that I've been eyeing for a while, 2 of which I've been meaning to get for some time now. First off are two figures from Max Factory's FIGMA line, Chie Satonaka based off her appearance in the Persona 4 anime and Labrys from her appearance in Persona 4 Arena. The third is a statue of Chie Satonaka by Taito depicting her character select art from Persona 4 Arena.

figma labyrs and chie

Sorry for the very congested instagram photos. Currently don't have space to do a proper photoshoot. The FIGMAs are what I expected. They handle better than the other FIGMAs I have but maybe that's due to their accessory count. Aside from Labrys' giant unwieldy axe, they're pretty easy to mess with.

figma labyrs on fire

As for the Taito statue, Chie is in a great pose and balances well. My problem lies with the giant yellow plastic block that acts as the stand. It's terrible in both design and presentation. Not only does it look bad. It's also huge! Though I did find a good spot for it behind my original PlayStation and whodathunk it. My Ps2 clear yellow and green controllers perfectly match Chie's jacket. It was meant to be.

taito chie 01

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Console version of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - what's different?

Bvj1r4aCIAEZI6B Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Edition is now out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. You might think that it's a direct port to what's available on the PC version, but to our surprise the console brings a lot to veteran players and players that are not familiar with the series. A few changes to best translate the game with a controller, added mechanics only found in the console version, more multiplayer options, and we just might have the best version of the game yet.

Just to let you know - I own Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls on PC, it was a day 1 purchase. So why the move to console? Living in South East Asia, the online-only model to Diablo 3 always finds a way to frustrate me. I was unlucky enough to live in an area with unreliable internet service, so my enjoyment for the game always comes in bursts. With that said, the ability to play this game offline in the console version is mainly the reason why I coughed up money for a game I've already played countless times. Believe it or not, I still want more out if it, but I want to continue enjoying the game without the elements that make me walk away.

So yeah, there's offline in the console version.

But that's not all that was included. Blizzard has taken the extra mile to really make the game work well with a controller. The menu screen and inventory system has been changed to best suit the console version. The unique grid inventory system known by many action RPG fans was scrapped for the console version, and was replaced with a more simpler system. Items are now placed in a list, with your currently equipped weapon on the right side. Equipment on your character is also seen in a radial design making it easier to go from one piece of equipment with just the left joystick. Every aspect of the menu share the same radial designs, from lore down to skills. It may look like a step backward when looking from afar, but once you play the game with the new interface, it just feels right - easy to use, fast to navigate.

With combat, the controls  was done perfectly. It was quick to grasp, and the fast-paced combat remains intact even with the different control scheme. Each button is attached to a specific skill, with L1 or LT being your way of chugging your potions. The only major change done is the addition of the dodge mechanic - Moving the right joystick in your controller makes your hero roll to avoid danger. It's just like the dodge system found in games like God of War. The addition is to give the player more mobility for the player. Not really a game changer, but it does help the arcade-y feel I get when playing this version of the game. I also noticed melee characters such the Barbarian or Monk has a dash when executing a melee skill. This dash moves you slightly forward when you attacks.


New game mechanics

The console version also has interesting social features that reward or punish players in your friend's list. The first one is the Nemesis System - When a monster kills a player in their game, that monster hops to a friend's game via portal and attempts to kill him as well. That player that was invaded by your killer, has a chance to take revenge for you. From experience, this is a tough enemy that appears in the worst possible time in your game, catching you off guard almost 90% of the time. If you are lucky enough to kill this "nemesis" monster, you are rewarded with loot as well as a gift for your fallen friend which you can send, and that gift mostly comes out as a legendary item. If you fail to take revenge, that monster hops to another friend in that player's friends list until it's killed.

The second feature is the Mailing System. It's actually cool, trust me.

To my knowledge, you can't send gold to friends in the PC version. Here, you can share the wealth and equipment with friends. The best part of the mailing system is the gift items mentioned above. There's a chance that every legendary item drop (One of the highest tier of equipment in the game) can also drop a gift exclusive to a friend in your friend's list that plays the game. I've given a few gifts to friends and all have been legendary items. No one has sent me a gift so far...just saying. The Nemesis system and the mailing system might seem unnecessary, but it adds a small interaction with friends, giving the effect that you are helping each other out, even when you're not playing together.


Cooperative play done right

Another big feature, which I believe is the big selling point for this version of the game, is the addition of local cooperative play. Call up to four friends, order some pizza, and hunt for loot together in one couch. This feature works like a charm. The camera is set on all four players in the screen. It can get chaotic since that is four characters spamming skills like crazy people surrounded by monsters. Each player will have to share the menu screen when working through their items and skills, but a shortcut feature is placed on the directional buttons for a quick swap in items and skills. It's drop in, drop out. One players start by himself and anybody can simply join the game by turning on the controller and login into their profile. If they don't want to play, head to the menu and go drop out. Simple. With the PlayStation 4 version of the game, each player can login to their own PSN account, making any character will be saved for that specific profile. With PS+, I dropped by a friend's house and was able to grab my updated character and download it to a friends PS4 and play with my character. After my session with a couple of buddies,I went home, I upload my character online, downloaded the updated file unto my PS4 , and continued playing. I find no problems with it so far.

Online? Online is the same. Which is a good thing for those looking to band with strangers.

Apprentice mode

If there's one thing that happens over and over when starting an rpg game with friends, it's that after the first sessions, the next time you gather you'll find out there's a gap between each of your characters because someone played a little while you were away. It's understandable, people have different schedules. So Blizzard introduces the apprentice system only found in local play. If a character that's a lower level joins your game, that character's stats and damage is instantly boosted to fit the highest player in the group. So don't feel discouraged if your friend is 10 levels ahead. You can still play together, catch up in levels, and also get loot fit for your current level. This is a great feature, a feature I wish will take wind to other developers creating cooperative games with a leveling system.

Patch support

With patch 2.1 (New features like greater rifts, seasons, new items) already live in the PC version of the game, the big question is if console players will get patch support. Blizzard has confirmed that there will be patch support for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, also confirming that patch 2.1 will be heading to those consoles soon. Sadly, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 might not get patch support since developers find it harder to updated the game in the last gen consoles. We say "might" because anything can happen if pushed hard enough.

Those are the changes. Worth the plunge? It will set you back P2,395 for the PS4/Xbox One version, and P1,695 for PS3/Xbox 360.  Aside from what's mentioned above, the content are all the same - same acts, same maps, etc.

E3 2014: Microsoft Press Conference - Sunset Overdrive, Scalebound, Crackdown, Phantom Dust, it's all about the games

unnamed Microsoft starts E3 2014 and they're message was clear this time around - There will be games on Xbox One. They didn't waste a single minute on anything else. The Xbox team behind Phil Spencer just went up there and showed all the titles we can expect from Xbox One. What was presented? Here's a summary of what went down.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gameplay demo

Forza Horizon 2 on 1080p. Out September 30

Dragon Age Inquisition trailer

Assassin's Creed: Unity Gameplay Demo. 4 player co-op campaign revealed

Sunset Overdrive trailer and Sunset Overdrive gameplay demo. Game out on October 28

New Dead Rising 3 DLC - Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix

Fable Legends gameplay reveal - 4 player co-op, with one player as the villain/dungeon master

Project Spark, Conker joins the project

Ori and the Blind Forest announced

Halo: Master Chief Collection announced for Xbox One - Out November 11

Makers of Limbo reveal their new game - Inside, coming first on Xbox One

New Tomb Raider announced - Rise of the Tomb Raider, out 2015

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Open-World gameplay demo

Phantom Dust revealed for Xbox One

Tom Clancy's The Division gameplay demo. Xbox One players will receive exclusive DLC content

Platinum Games announce Xbox One Exclusive - Scalebound

New Crackdown announced for Xbox One to close the show

Quick mentions

-ID @ Xbox, Microsoft's indie side strengthened.

- Halo: Night fall TV Series currently shooting.

- Halo: Master Chief Collections comes with access to Halo 5: Guardians beta that's coming this holiday.

- The Halo: Master Chief Collection is quite different from other collections. You have all 4 games remastered in one disc, with the ability to create playlists mixing missions from other Halo games (Example - Do the last mission of Halo 1, then next mission on the playlist can be Halo 4's 4th mission)

- Dance Central: Spotlight and Fantasia: Music Evolved announced. Digital only distribution, out this fall

-Xbox One players to get premiere content for Dragon Age Inquisition

-DLC for Evolve comes first on Xbox One

- Forza 5 users get a free course - the Nürburgring

That's Microsoft's press conference in a nutshell. What do you think? We consider this the best conference from them in years. More of our impressions on a future post as well as our E3 coverage episode on the TMG Podcast.

E3 2014: Full E3 press conference schedule to get us all updated


e3-future E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) is the biggest event for the gaming industry, where all the big game reveals and announcements from big video game companies happen. It's literally just around the corner, so for those that want to catch all the reveals and big announcements from the big gaming companies, here's the full schedule of when each press conference goes live. 

*TAKE NOTE OF THE TIME DIFFERENCE: PDT is for those living in the United States, while GMT is for those living in South East Asia like the Philippines. 


Microsoft - Monday, June 9th at 9:30AM PDT / Tuesday, June 10 12:30AM GMT

Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb said on his blog that you can stream the press conference, entitled "Xbox: Game On," through, Xbox Live and Windows Phone worldwide. The press conference will also be broadcast on Spike TV in the U.S. and Canada. Halo 5: Guardians has been announced by 343 Industries so it's very likely we'll be seeing a demo of the new Halo running on Xbox One. There are rumors of a Gears of War reveal, as well as more about Sunset Overdrive which is looking pretty promising. Forza Horizon 2 was also announced plus there's Fable Legends so we'll see them on the presentation. Oh and of course, we'll see more of Kevin Spacey for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Also, with Microsoft announcing the Xbox One without Kinect, making the new console at the same price as its competitor, we will definitely see a strong presence of Kinect in the press conference.


EA - Monday, June 9th at 12:00 PM PDT / Tuesday, June 10 3:00 AM GMT

Just like past EA conferences, we will see tons of EA Sports talk for NFL, NBA, the works. All that aside, we'll most likely see the latest on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Sims 4, Battlefield: Hardline, and we just might get a gameplay demo of Star Wars: Battlefront III. There are talks of them teasing a new Mass Effect game, but that's very unlikely in our eyes.


Ubisoft - Monday, June 9th at 3:00 PM PDT / Tuesday, June 10 6:00 AM GMT

Ubisoft will be an interesting press conference. We'll definitely see a demo for this year's Assassin's Creed called Unity, as well as another announcement of the second Assassin's Creed planned for this year as well. Tom Clancy's The Division will have new gameplay to wow the crowd, and we'll get our first look at Far Cry 4 planned for this year. Just Dance will make an appearance yet again, and we'll see a demo for The Crew. We also expect a new IP coming from the European company since we've seen a new title from them two E3's in a row (Watch Dogs - 2012, The Division - 2013). Ubisoft has a lot going for them, it's crazy.


Sony - Monday, June 9th at 6:00 PM PDT / Tuesday, June 10 9:00 AM GMT

Sony might have a great lineup for their presentation - Deep Down, the new Uncharted, The Order: 1886, and a possible reveal of From Software's PS4 exclsuive currently titled "Project Beast". Final Fantasy XV will make an appearance together with Kingdom Hearts 3. The indie scene might just get the spotlight yet again to strengthen the consoles indie game support.  What's going to be their big reveal? There's a big chance of a new God of War game moving the franchise forward. Destiny will definitely appear on Sony's presentation, and we might get more titles for PS Vita since it's been lagging behind on the number of new games per month. Oh, and we shouldn't forget the slight possibility of  The Last Guardian showing up at the presentation...very unlikely.


Nintendo - Tuesday, June 10th at 9:00 AM PDT / Wednesday, June 11 12:00 AM GMT

Just like last year, Nintendo won't be holding the traditional press conference at E3. Instead, they will be broadcasting their presentation through a video similar to their monthly video called Nintendo Direct. It's called the "Nintendo Digital Event" and we will be seeing our first look at the new Zelda game exclusive to the Wii U. The Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS will definitely make an appearance, we'll get more footage for Bayonetta 2, and Monolith's RPG currently called X might get a full reveal. New 3DS games will take a small portion of the spotlight, but we expect all the effort will be put on making the Wii U appealing. There's rumor of a new Metroid that will be announced for the Wii U, which we pray is true because Nintendo needs announcements like that to be the big talk in E3. The horrible Wii U sales is a big concern and we hope they can bounce back with their presentation.


Where can I watch E3?

Since we are now in the age of Social Media and Live Streaming, watching the events that will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center will be easy for even folks on the other side of the globe. Here are a couple of sites that will be live streaming E3 happening next week:

Full event




E3 Insider

EA Press Conference only

EA's Hub

Ubisoft Press Conference only

Ubisoft YouTube Channel

Ubisoft twitch Channel

Nintendo Digital Event only

Nintendo E3

The crew will be watching the event live, so just in case you are unable to watch the event live or just want the big scoop - stay tuned on our Twitter and Facebook page, we'll be posting the big announcements as it gets revealed. A full compilation of each press conference will be posted on the site.

We'll also be discussing everything that happened during E3 2014 on the TMG Podcast after the event. The post E3 show, Episode 36, will be up on June 17 on a Tuesday.

We'll update the list of channels covering the event as more come up. If you think we are missing some, please comment below and we'll add it to the list.

Kontrol Freek - Rcade Freek for PS3 and Xbox 360


instafreek Datablitz just got a wave of products from KontrolFreek. I'm a sucker for gaming accessories and have been looking for these in local shops for quite some time now.

I personally find the analog sticks on the PS3's dual-shock 3 controller a tad on the short side and while I don't have the most precise aim in shooters, better leverage on your thumb sticks is never a bad thing. I could have gone for the more regular grips like the classic or the FPS Freek but ever since I found out about the Rcade Freek back in like 2011, those piqued my interest the most.

They grip on the analog sticks quite well and don't get knocked off easily unless your really force it. The smooth rounded plastic surface of the Rcade Freek keeps true to the style of cherry top arcade sticks and while they may not provide the best grip to your thumb, the increase in height definitely adds leverage and could in turn provide more presicion in your gaming.

I don't really use the analog sticks for fighting games except for maybe Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 but I chose the Rcade Freek for the throwback to old arcade machines. Datablitz had them in two colors, Throwback Black and Retro Red and priced at 495php a pair which ain't bad. I might go back and get me one of those FPS Freek ones next time.

For more information about KontrolFreek, visit