Kill the Plumber - TMG Quick Peek


Here's our quick peek for the Steam release of Kill the Plumber. A 2-D puzzle platformer where you play the villains of the Mushroom Ki~er the Not-Mushroom Kingdom and get their revenge on a certain fireball spitting and pipe jumping plumber. The game is currently $3.99 on Steam (165.95php) and is 20% off for it's first week of release. Get it while it's hot!

Clock Tower - Halloween 2015 Let's Play featuring Nubs in Cubes


Not a lot of horror games were played by us this month, especially with big events such as ESGS 2015 just wrapping up but we were able to sneak in a Let's Play with Migs from the Nubs in Cubes. Aside from the Until Dawn let's play thats currently going on. Here's a look at the first Clock Tower game that came out on the Super Famicom way back in 1995. An old point and click style horror mystery during the 16bit era. New episodes of this will go up everyday until Halloween.

TMG Podcast ESGS 2015 Coverage


ESGS 2015 is a wrap! An awesome weekend filled with video games, amazing people, esports, and Monster Energy drink consumption. The TMG Podcast crew recorded two special episodes to cover the two-day event. Listen to day 1 and day 2 after the bump! Day 1 (Nightfall: Escapes, Ubisoft, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 MP, IGDA Manila, Legends of Fire and Steel, Graywalkers: Purgatory, and more)

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

Day 2 (Freak Show, Indie Arena: Dungeon Souls, Jumping Jean, Face Mountain, Cut Out, Synergy 88, and more)

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

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TooMuchGaming Plays Until Dawn


Just in time for the month of October. Carlos, Migoy, Will and Kat band together for a run through the interactive drama survival horror game called Until Dawn. Each of us gets control over two characters from this group of college kids who, after an unfortunate prank that left two of their friends missing, gather to try to mend old bonds. Join us on this thrilling slasher fic-esque adventure where choices do indeed matter and see who survives until dawn.

New episodes of our Let's Play goes up on our Youtube channel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at around 10:30am until we beat the game.

Carlos - Sam, Josh, (subs for Matt) Migoy - Jessica, Ashley Will - Chris, Emily Kat - Mike, Matt (drops Matt mid-way because the scared)