TooMuchGaming Plays Until Dawn


Just in time for the month of October. Carlos, Migoy, Will and Kat band together for a run through the interactive drama survival horror game called Until Dawn. Each of us gets control over two characters from this group of college kids who, after an unfortunate prank that left two of their friends missing, gather to try to mend old bonds. Join us on this thrilling slasher fic-esque adventure where choices do indeed matter and see who survives until dawn.

New episodes of our Let's Play goes up on our Youtube channel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at around 10:30am until we beat the game.

Carlos - Sam, Josh, (subs for Matt) Migoy - Jessica, Ashley Will - Chris, Emily Kat - Mike, Matt (drops Matt mid-way because the scared)

TMG Podcast Plays PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

tmg podcast plays super playstation bros If you haven't heard episode 16 of the TMG Podcast (which you should), we mentioned at the end that since it was the first episode we recorded together in one room that we'd do a sort of Let's Play afterwards. Well, here you go. The cast and crew of the TMG Podcast plays PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Full matches:

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection

Ico Shadow of the Colossus HD I just got a copy of the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection and it looks absolutely amazing. I played this on PS2 back in like mid 2011 if not a little earlier and got as far as the 13th colossus but didn't get to finish it due to work. I planned to finish the game eventually but shortly after I heard about the HD rerelease of both games so I thought I'd put my colossi slaying on hold until I got my hands on it.

Originally I was going to get a copy of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate but a friend of mine reminded me about Shadow of the Colossus a few days ago and it made it ask one of the store clerks at Datablitz about it. Priced at 995php (950php cash), how could I resist?