TMG Podcast ESGS 2015 Coverage


ESGS 2015 is a wrap! An awesome weekend filled with video games, amazing people, esports, and Monster Energy drink consumption. The TMG Podcast crew recorded two special episodes to cover the two-day event. Listen to day 1 and day 2 after the bump! Day 1 (Nightfall: Escapes, Ubisoft, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 MP, IGDA Manila, Legends of Fire and Steel, Graywalkers: Purgatory, and more)

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Day 2 (Freak Show, Indie Arena: Dungeon Souls, Jumping Jean, Face Mountain, Cut Out, Synergy 88, and more)

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Ubisoft Officially Reveals Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC this October

Assassins_Creed_Syndicate_Gang_Leader1 We got the first bit of details the day we were recording this week's podcast, but now Ubisoft blew the lid wide open regarding Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Here's what we know.

Ubisoft is going all out with regards to Syndicate. For one, we know Ubisoft Quebec is in charge of this project, with nine other Ubisoft studios helping out (Montreal, Singapore, Annecy, Montpellier, Reflections, Sofia, Shanghai, Kiev, Bucharest). Syndicate has been in development for two years.

The game is set in 1868 London, during the Industrial Revolution. You play as Jacob Frye, an assassin taking back the city controlled by the templars. Oh, and he has a top hat.

Here's the full description of Syndicate via Ubisoft's Blog:

London during the Industrial Revolution. It’s a time of great technological and philosophical advancement, but it’s also a time of great hardship. The Church and the monarchy are losing power and money is rapidly becoming one of the chief dictators of human behavior. And when money is king, those who have it are the ones in control while those without it are tossed aside and forgotten. Desperation grows among the lower class, leading many of them to lives of crime in order to survive. It is here that we see the birth of organized crime, and the birth of a new era.

The Assassin Brotherhood has been all but eradicated, long kept away by the Templars controlling the city. But now – in the year 1868 – two young Assassins have arrived in London to reclaim the city by force, with street gangs as their armies and the oppressed masses as their eyes and ears. This is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Welcome to the Family.

Official Reveal Trailer

In terms of gameplay, there are new additions to best suit the given setting. For one, you have a grappling hook to easily climb tall buildings, and vehicles like a stagecoache to quickly travel around the city. Fighting seems more fast paced thanks to Frye's brawler style with brass knuckles equipped, which is a good change from the dull swordplay that didn't have much change as the series progressed.

It is also confirmed that Syndicate will not have multiplayer. Ubisoft is considering this a single player experience, going back to the series' roots.

Gameplay Walkthrough

The setting is really what's winning our hearts at the moment. A perfect time in history to explore for the series. How will the game perform? Too soon to tell since it was just revealed, but consider us curious of this year's Assassin's Creed.

What do you think about Syndicate so far?

Watch_Dogs Week

watch dogs D6 As most of you know, one of the most anticipated games of the year, Watch_Dogs, just came out earlier this week and most of us here on TMG pre-ordered the game and already have it. Which means We've got a bunch of Watch_Dogs content in store for you this week.

Migoy captured and streamed his first hour of the game for a quick look as well as some clips from said stream. Arlie's been streaming a lot of his playthrough of the PS4 version of the game on our twitch channel and has made some clips of his own. We are also going to talk about our impressions of Watch_Dogs this weekend for episode 34 of the TMG Podcast. Watch_Dogs is currently available for all platforms (except for the WiiU at the moment) at Datablitz, so if you haven't already, go check it out.

Here's our Watch_Dogs quick look

Here are some clips taken from our Watch_Dogs livestreams

Delayed: Watch Dogs and Driveclub pushed to 2014

delayed cover This was bound to happen. We are entering a next generation of gaming, developers will feel the pressure and will be forced to ask for more time. This sadly has happened to two titles planned to be launch titles- Watch Dogs, a multi-platform modern sandbox and PS4's exclusive racer Driveclub, both pushed for a 2014 release. 

First up is Watch Dogs. Why the push? Ubisoft simply needs the extra time in polishing the game. It's a new IP, I get it. I actually want this to be a new franchise to succeed for the European publisher. What's disappointing is that this is one of the big titles that would make me consider either a PS4 or a Xbox 360. With my PC's current setup, I won't be able to hit that extra high setting, so I was considering the early jump for next-gen to experience Watch Dogs in the best quality possible. Now without Watch Dogs, I'm finding it hard to justify going day one with next-gen consoles.

Next title is Driveclub, which has been push from its November 15 release to an early 2014 release. This was another disappointment because this stunning racing game was planned to be the first free game PS4 game for PlayStation Plus members. Since it was delayed, Sony replaces it with Contrast, Complusion's puzzle platformer of light and shadow free to download on November 15. Sony is also throwing in a "Open Weekend" trial of Killzone: Shadow Fall for PlayStation Plus members on December 28 to 29.

Delays are a pain but again- It's a next-gen console launch. We're anxious to get our hands on the consoles, while launch title developers are freaking out because launch is only weeks away.

Watch Dogs is now placed on a Spring 2014 release for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. While Driveclub is now on an early 2014 release exclusively for PlayStation 4.

My copy of Splinter Cell: Blacklist came with an invalid CD Key


SplinterCell BlacklistFinalLast Saturday was gloomy. It wasn't raining as hard but I still had that feeling to bunker down for the weekend with a brand new title to tackle. But thanks to my cd key being invalid, I was unable to play my copy of Splinter Cell: Blacklist for 4 days.

I headed to the mall, decided on the PC version of Splinter Cell blacklist and rushed home. After installation, I opened my bag of chips, got myself comfortable and as soon as i typed in the cd key included in the case - invalid cd key. I tried again, 10 more times and nothing. It felt like the dreaded error 37 from Diablo 3 was haunting me again, preventing me from playing a game I've been waiting for a long time. I couldn't register my copy! I've double checked my cd key input, did it slowly, heck even asked a friend to try it for me. Nothing.

It was disappointing, my plans to go all out on the weekend was somewhat ruined. this was my first experience of having a problem with a game 's cd key. why do we still have these kinds of problems?

I then called Datablitz for answers, and what I found out got me troubled. As I was explaining my issue, the clerk stopped me mid sentence and asked me if I got any text message from them? I told them no since I haven't given them my cell number. She thought I was the previous caller a few hours ago complaining about the same problem. Two other people apparently was given invalid cd keys for the pc version of splinter cell blacklist.

Why is this troubling? Because they had copies in their shelves with invalid keys, ready for anybody to pick up. No matter what, it's still an inconvenience. since it's a weekend, the Datablitz clerk said a fix can only be done on Monday (it was Saturday when I called). Nothing could be done. I sucked it up and just stayed patient, assassins creed 3 needs finishing anyway.

as days went by, Datablitz was kind enough though to give me updates in the matter, but with not much detail. Everytime I headed to my pc, my copy of splinter cell blacklist was just there, I just had to find a way to get it working. What can I say, im stubborn that way.

So off I go to the Ubisoft forums to find people with similar issues. It took awhile but I eventually found a thread about it, and the people posting on the thread was interesting.

splinter cell blacklist forums

It was mostly pinoys complaining about the same thing. It's obvious at this point that more than three people who were affected. I wasn't  able to find a fix from this two page thread , but A Ubisoft rep did reply at least, but with the most basic and safe answer:

Ubisoft answer

But don't get me wrong,  only a handful is affected by this. A friend of mine confirmed that his cd key worked and he bought the game the same day I did, but from a different Datablitz branch. The best guess I have to why this happened is there was a bunch of keys not yet activated.

four days later, Datablitz asked me to try my key again and thankfully it registered. I replied asking why was the problem, but of course no response after I've confirmed that my key was good.

What I don't get is why doesn't Datablitz bother to verify their products? Why is there an everyday customer support? Your telling me that when I buy a game on the weekends and I have an issue, my concern will only be processed on Monday? That doesn't seem right. I have this gut feeling that there's a miscommunication with Ubisoft and the suppliers. Hopefully everybody affected was also able to resolve the same issue. For those that haven't? Call them. Annoy the hell out of them. Believe me, it will get things moving faster.

Datablitz has always been my number one choice for picking up video games, but when it comes to pc games? I might have to pass for now.