Square Enix finally caved: Final Fantasy VII Remake announced, coming first on PS4

final-fantasy-vii-ps1-logo-73910When it comes Final Fantasy fans, there's one wish we keep hearing for years - a Final Fantasy VII remake. Well, dreams do come true apparently. During this year's E3, Sony and Square Enix finally delivered.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

This is a remake, so they are developing this beloved classic from the ground up. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be helmed by Tetsuya Nomura and Sony confirms that development has already started.

Final Fantasy VII is said to come first on PlayStation 4, suggesting that the remake will come in other platforms in the future. No release windows was mentioned.

Planetside 2 Launches on PS4 June 23

original It was a long wait but Daybreak's Free-To-Play title Planetside 2 will be available for PS4 players on June 23 in North America, even to users not subscribed in PlayStation Plus. 

Daybreak, formally called Sony Entertainment Online, first announced Planetside 2 for the PS4 in 2013. After a series of delays, the closed beta only took off this year. "We're excited to finally bring the game to PS4 so the console gaming community can experience what truly massive warfare is all about," said Andy Sites, director of development on PlanetSide 2,  in a PlayStation Blog post.

The PS4 version of Planetside 2 will come with exclusive features, as well as a new map called Koltyr. Developers also said players can expect frequent updates after launch, with new items hitting the in-game marketplace in the future, more features, and holiday events. This is a free-to-play game, but if you're a believer of Planetside 2, the studio is giving players the option for a $14.99 a month subscription, giving subscribers increased experience, cert and resource gains; marketplace discounts' monthly drop of Battle Cash; and access to a monthly double XP event.

I've played my fair share of Planetside 2 and the grand scale of the game is still overwhelming to this day, and we are curious on how well they translate the experience to console when it goes live later in the month.

Fallout 4 Officially Confirmed for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

fallout_4_image1-600x295 (1)Everybody knew it was coming, and now it's official - Fallout 4 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC.

The official site revealing the game went live earlier for some reason, but the minutes it was up was enough time for many to grab some screenshots confirming the reveal. The clock is back up and very soon the site will go live and the cinematic trailer found on the site will be available for all.

So far, the only bit of information is that the game will be set in post-apocalyptic Boston.


You can watch as the countdown hits zero here. We'll update this as more develops....

[UPDATE]: Trailer is now LIVE and it's in-game footage.

PlayBook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop's Latest Tournament Got Me Excited for the Fighting Game Community

11289874_10153073402082732_2034875233_n On May 30, 2015, PlayBook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop held their Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament called "Cross Up". Players all around the Philippines joined the competition, displaying a great variety of  matchups and different skill levels. The competition was fierce, the turn out was more than what I was expecting, and it's safe to say we finally have a place for the Philippines' Fighting Game community down south.

I kept my distance at first. I knew PlayBook existed at Pergola Mall in BF Homes Paranaque, but didn't have a clear picture on their direction as a video game and book rental store. Since it opened, tournament events started popping up for different kinds of fighting game titles - Guilty Gear Xrd, Super Smash Bros Wii U, Mortal Kombat X, just to name a few. At this point, it's clear that they're reaching out to the communities of each game. So it got me curious. Their latest tournament, Cross Up for the Street Fighter community, is my first event to participate in PlayBook, and it made me realize, this is the place many have been wanting for years to show up down south...well for me at least, and it came at no better time.

Street Fighter Down South

I have not competed in Ultra Street Fighter 4 in years. I deeply miss it - The pressure of two loses and your out during tournaments, the intimidation of skilled players, the atmosphere of players cheering/shouting for the ones playing, the little tricks and matchups you learn from playing different players, and the interesting people you meet. It's an environment I wonder to this day why I abruptly stopped attending.

When I joined last Saturday, I had no real game plan - No practice. I just want to join in and experience PlayBook's event as a newcomer. To my surprise, I got all that I mentioned above and realized the Philippines' Street Fighter community has grown. It never died down apparently. Players that I recognized from before, and that I have so much respect for, got even better at the game. And the new faces I met during the casual matches before and after the tournament were all formidable players adding variety to the game. It was amazing to be around it all again, and all I wanted after I left was to get better at my game. With me getting that kind of mindset after leaving the tournament, it's a clear indication that PlayBook is doing things right with their events, at the same time giving the kind of support the fighting game community needs in order to grow.

The event had players from all over the Philippines. They had players from Davao, Cebu, Pampanga, Cavite, players from Megamall, Fairview, all with amazing skill and knowledge. They invited players from what felt like the best the Philippines has to offer, and it was a pleasure watching them compete. I went up against some of them and feeling the level of skill first hand got me excited. This is definitely another venue where players need to go in order to get better. We need these kinds of places.

When I was finally removed from the tournament, I stayed and watched the top 8 players duke it out. It was intense match after intense match, making it worthwile to stick around and see who comes out on top. PlayBook had a good setup with a TV, speakers, and a few chairs for those willing to watch the matches outside. That same match shown on the TV display outside was also being live-streamed via Twitch.tv, giving anybody around the world a chance to watch the event. What's surprising was their smooth connection for the live feed. This was not expected since the Philippine ISPs are notorious for bringing horrible online connections, especially when it comes to live streaming a video game. So kudos for the PlayBook team for making it work, giving the impression that they tend to provide the best coverage of their events.

If you've been following Ultra Street Fighter 4, then you'll have a treat with the last matches of Cross Up. Again, intense. The Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and even the Grand Finals got me glued to the screen. Also being there as it unfolds made it extra special. Have a peek for yourself below.

Winners Finals

Losers Finals

Grand Finals

This is yet another good sign that the fighting game scene is growing in the Philippines. If their future tournaments for other games is somewhat similar to Cross Up, I look forward to their next set of events. PlayBook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop is turning out to be another place in the metro for current and upcoming players planning to hone their skills in the fighting game scene.

Imperium e-Sports bar and Video Game Lounge opened more than a year ago and we got excited on its role for e-sports in the Philippines, especially for the fighting game community. Now, we have another venue that aims to provide the same kind of support, but this time down south.

PlayBook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop can be found at the second floor of Pergola Mall in BF Homes, Paranaque.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer Giving Some Love to Bloodborne for Hitting the 1M Mark

5_1 Now you don't see this everyday. Xbox head Phil Spencer took the time to congratulate Sony and Bloodborne hitting 1 Million in sales via Twitter. See, Xbox and PlayStation are friends. Now why can't we all be like them?

Bloodborne is the latest exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 and is getting a lot of good praise from critics and fans of the souls series. It just hit its 1 million sales mark and it's indeed a big achievement with it being a new IP (Intelectual Property) only available on one platform. A


We had our fair share of the punishing action RPG with Miggy trying it out before it's release. Our review is currently in progress and will be out in a couple of days.

I loved every minute of Bloodborne, but to get a fresh and accurate judgement on From Software's latest game (I'm a huge fan of From Software games), I will take a step back and give Willem the reins on the site's full review. My impressions of the game is already out  on episode 76 of the TMG Podcast, so if your interested in what I think about the game, have a listen now.


Bloodborne was developed by From Software (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2), and it's now available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.