Dark Souls DLC coming to consoles

Dark Souls DLC It was announced a month ago that Dark Souls will be heading to the PC with added content. Titled the "Prepare to Die" edition, the new content includes new equipment, new locations, and best of all, new bosses to kill you over and over again. Now when this was revealed, people wondered if console players would get the same treatment but in a form of DLC. Well they made it official, the content will come, but sometime around winter. No official date yet, but we do know it will cost $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points. The new content will also be called Artorias of the Abyss expansion for consoles.

If you love Dark Souls enough that you still have it around your room, I suggest you keep it until the end of the year. That much content for only 15 bucks is a complete steal.

The wait for the DLC is pretty long. If you can't wait, you could just get the PC version which is schedule for an August 24 release. Just make sure you have a game controller for your PC. Playing Dark Souls with a keyboard and mouse just doesn't sound right.


[Source: Playstation Universe]