[Updated]Rumor: Dead Space 3 logo and first screenshot leaked?


Dead Space 3 has been a rumor for months now, but now a leaked logo of the unannounced game and screenshot has hit the internet. VG247 believes that the leaked images came from an upcoming reveal from GameInformer that is scheduled tomorrow.  

[UPDATE] Following the leaked logo and screenshot images, EA finally confirms that Dead Space 3 will be revealed in next week's E3. EA spilled the beans to IGN and I couldn't be happier. Where will Dead Space be I wonder? Microsoft's press conference or Sony's?

There's a lot of rumors roaming around on what to expect on the third installment.  It is said that Dead Space 3 will be on an icy planet and that the game would feature two player co-op with a drop-in, drop-out feature. Not only that, they believe there will be a change in Isaac's personality thanks to the events of the first two games.

Whether these rumors are true or not, I want this game to be made official. The Dead Space is keeping the horror genre afloat and I want them to keep doing so until more horror titles show up. We need more cheap scares in our gaming lives.

We will find out soon enough and will update this post if anything shows up.