Painfully Free Episode 04 - Capcom VS SNK 2


Painfully Free is back for another episode. This month, we play one of my old favorites. Capcom VS SNK 2: Mark of the Millenium 2001. This game is great because of the abundance of characters from various fighting games of two rival game companies known for being kings of the 2D fighting game scene back in the day. It controls very feel and is unique by including 6 different power gauges from key fighting games from each company. Will dropping the knowledge bomb on the SNK side which helps since Migoy and Carlos are a bit unfamiliar with them.

Ken Masters joins Street Fighter V but isn't the Ken we all know


Ken Masters is the latest contender in Street Fighter V and we are liking the new look for the fiery world warrior. Aside from the new look, Ken Masters will have a more aggressive fighting style this time around. He will be a bit more flashy this time around thanks to his V-Skills providing extension to his combos. Ken's V-Trigger is called "Heat Rush", and his V-Skill is called "Quick Step".

At the end of the trailer, we were given a teaser of an upcoming character. Who is it? We are still trying to figure that out. Who do you think it is?


Mega Man/Rockman Keychains from Gashapon World


Mega Man keychain gashapon 03 I was finally able to complete this set of Mega Man keychains the other day. If we can't get any new Mega Man games, at least we can still get some new merch of them.


Super fighting robot!

Released in Japan on February 2015. These little cuties come from one of those Gashapon capsule machines found in some toy stores which made trying to complete a set a challenge. I initially got the original Mega Man from a friend who just got back from his vacation to Japan. Seeing that they a keychain of each lead Mega Man, I was bummed at the thought of not being able to get a Megaman.EXE figure since he was my favorite of the Mega men.

At least they didn't cancel this Legend. Don't worry, buddy. We'll get you off that moon someday.

After a random drop by my local Toy Kingdom, I decided to take a look at the gashapon isle since I found out that they had some Gaia Memories on sale. Lo and behold, they had one machine filled with these Mega Man keychains. I had a change to get them all but it was a challenge since they go for a hefty 3 token a pop with each token costing 60php. My hope quickly fell back into despair as that machine ran out after around 2 weeks and at that point I was only able to get X and the Yellow Devil. Good thing the Toys R Us at the next mall also had a Mega Man filled machine handy but was near empty.

Jack-in! Megaman.EXE! Execute!

After 2 duplicate original Mega Mans and 3 spare Yellow Devils, I was finally able to complete the set with the last one I got being the first one I wanted, Megaman.EXE. You could say it was fate. Or I could just have terrible luck.

Mega Man keychain gashapon 02Rockman Keychains from Gashapon World.

While we're talking about Mega Man, check out our full LPs of a few Mega Man X games.

TMG Mega Man X4 Complete Playthough

mmx4 x LP Mega Man x4 was one of my favorite games during the original PlayStation era and is also one of my favorites from the X series. The first game with gorgeous 32-bit sprites and the first game where you can use really use Zero (I know Zero was usable in X3 but only for the stages and not against the boss).

Given the currently availability of video capture devices and with things like emulation and screen capture, there are many ways to capture gameplay footage. So this was a perfect chance for me to share my love for Mega Man X4 and share my fond memories with this game. Here are my runs with both X and Zero in all modes having collected everything in the game and showing off the boss weaknesses and some of their patterns. Everything is complete except for the black Zero run (vs Slash Beast) because it was one of those times where I thought I was recording and I wasn't and already saved over my file.

The Ultimate Armor X and Black Armor Zero runs have no commentary while the regular runs of both characters have commentary. If you like the Megaman series and haven't played X4, I highly suggest you do so.

Below is a playlist of each run. Click on the title to go to the playlist.

Force Armor X

Red Zero

Ultimate Armor X

Black Armor Zero

Magma Dragoon vs Ride Armor - Mega Man X4

mmx4 highight This may not be new to you guys but it's new to me. For all the times I've beaten Mega Man X4, I honestly had no idea that you could face Magma Dragoon via a hidden room using the ride armor. I've always beaten him with either the X buster or the double cyclone weapon.

I've beaten MMX4 multiple times with all of X's forms (Ultimate armor, the regular X4 armor set, regular X) and both of Zero's forms (red Zero and black armor Zero) but I never knew about this little secret room in Magma Dragoon's stage. I used to play this game a lot at a internet cafe that had consoles you could play near where I lived back in the day and I guess I was just always in a hurry to beat the boss because of the time constraint that I never looked around the environment.