Mega Man/Rockman Keychains from Gashapon World


Mega Man keychain gashapon 03 I was finally able to complete this set of Mega Man keychains the other day. If we can't get any new Mega Man games, at least we can still get some new merch of them.


Super fighting robot!

Released in Japan on February 2015. These little cuties come from one of those Gashapon capsule machines found in some toy stores which made trying to complete a set a challenge. I initially got the original Mega Man from a friend who just got back from his vacation to Japan. Seeing that they a keychain of each lead Mega Man, I was bummed at the thought of not being able to get a Megaman.EXE figure since he was my favorite of the Mega men.

At least they didn't cancel this Legend. Don't worry, buddy. We'll get you off that moon someday.

After a random drop by my local Toy Kingdom, I decided to take a look at the gashapon isle since I found out that they had some Gaia Memories on sale. Lo and behold, they had one machine filled with these Mega Man keychains. I had a change to get them all but it was a challenge since they go for a hefty 3 token a pop with each token costing 60php. My hope quickly fell back into despair as that machine ran out after around 2 weeks and at that point I was only able to get X and the Yellow Devil. Good thing the Toys R Us at the next mall also had a Mega Man filled machine handy but was near empty.

Jack-in! Megaman.EXE! Execute!

After 2 duplicate original Mega Mans and 3 spare Yellow Devils, I was finally able to complete the set with the last one I got being the first one I wanted, Megaman.EXE. You could say it was fate. Or I could just have terrible luck.

Mega Man keychain gashapon 02Rockman Keychains from Gashapon World.

While we're talking about Mega Man, check out our full LPs of a few Mega Man X games.

Street Fighter X Tekken: PS3 and Vita exclusive characters

Street Fighter X Tekken PS3 & Vita exlusives PS3 and future PS Vita owners will have more exclusives characters in their roster. One coming from the Capcom side, and one from the Namco Bandai side for each platform. PS3 owners will have Pac-Man riding on what looks to be a M and Megaman, but not the look most of us know him for. PS Vita will have Cole Mcgrath and Kuro & Toro. Exclusives characters cool, but really weird additions.

Wonder how Mega Man fans will react using an awful 1980s cover art as the Blue Bomber's look. I can already see mixed reactions with this already. The devs wanted to include Capcom and Namco bandai's mascots in the game in a goofy kind of way. Well, they've succeed.

Mega Man 1980s art cover

Huge question - Where's the Xbox 360 love? Well they wanted to add exclusive character for the console, but Capcom say's the timing prevented them from doing so. A post from Shacknews reveals that if negotiations with Microsoft pushed through, possible characters for the Xbox 360 would have been either Master Chief from the Halo series or Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. Too bad, would have been cool seeing those characters going head to head against Jin and Ryu.

Street Fighter X Tekken will be out on March on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Mega Man is neither apprehended nor slain. HOPE!

HOPE! I'm assuming you've all seen the new trailer for Phoenix Wright and Nova for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Along with the gameplay reveal of the new characters, some of the released gameplay videos also showed off some new stages. There's a certain detail in one of those stages that is causing a lot of buzz.

In the stage 'Future Past' there is a wanted poster showing off a bunch of characters with either the label 'slain' or 'apprehended'. Much like the Uncanny X-Men comic cover which features mutants from the X-Men series, this poster shows off a lot of characters from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Each character already has a mark. Everyone except one character that is.

List of Apprehended Characters – Colossus Ruby Heart Gambit Hayato Psylocke BB Hood Unknown?

List of Slain Characters – Cyclops Marrow Ice Man Jin Saotome Cable Amingo Captain Commando Son Son

Characters with no label or an obscured label - Mega Man

Missing Characters – Thanos Blackheart Venom Juggernaut Omega Red Rogue Sabretooth Silver Samurai Spiral Anakaris Roll Servebot Cammy Charlie Dan Dhalsim Guile Ken Bison Sakura Zangief Uncanny X-Men #141











Source []


Mega Man Legends 3 Canceled

Mega Man Legends 3, a game that I have been dreaming for almost a decade now. That dream is oficially dead. Very sad news for Mega Man fans and 3DS owners ar, Capcom has canceled Mega Man Legends 3.

From [Gameinformer]

Announced via a blog post on Capcom-Unity, the publisher says the cancellation is due to the game failing to meet "required criteria" that would decide whether it went into full production. As such, Capcom says it has no plans to develop Legends 3 nor to release the prototype version of the game that was being worked on. The prototype was originally set to be distributed onto 3DS units via Nintendo's eShop in the near future.

Well, there goes any chance of me getting a 3DS now. Ocarina of Time 3D looks kickass but my driving force for even planning to get the glasses-free 3D handheld was Legends 3. Sad sad day.

Capcom can make it up to me though by releasing Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 on PSN but apparently they can't do that either due to licensing issues.

Moar Mega Man madness

Continuing my Mega Man craze, I put back Mega Man Powered Up in my PSP. you might have caught me playing it live on our channel.

The demo of both the new style and old style of cutman's stages where included in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X and when I last played Powered Up, I kinda cheated and just downloaded a save game on Gamefaqs with everything unlocked cause I was too lazy to unlock everything back then.

Now I started on a clean slate and I just beat all the 8 Robot Masters on the Easy and Normal difficulty. Easy so that I can beat them with just the Mega Buster so that they can become playable and Normal so that I can find the creation parts and beating stuff on Normal will unlock something later on.

So yeah, been playing that. Gutsman's stage is still the biggest load of BS in the Mega Man universe. I curse those damn moving platforms! Timeman's stage is also kind of a bitch at a certain point.




Did I mention that the game has a level editor mode? You can create custom stages and share them online. Here's an example of a stage that's impossible to beat. XD