Nothing beats local multiplayer

local multiplayer With everything connected to the internet, from cellphones to toilets, communation today was very different from what I grew up with.

People playing video games with each other from the comforts of their own home is a very normal thing nowadays. I was never really an online player, mainly because I didn't have the right tools to do so, but during my NES, SNES and PS1 days me and my neighbors would go to each others houses to play video games. If it wasn't a fighting game of some of the few good co-op games, we'd go just to watch and help them play an RPG or a single player adventure game.

Local gaming is at it's best when playing a fighting game. Most fighting games in this day and age require precise inputs, movements and timing but when played online the slightest input lag can determine the winner from the loser.

Me and my cousin finally got to play Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 together and with me getting a 2nd controller just the other day was perfect. Here is the broadcast footage of the fights. We are in no way pros in this, you couldn't even call use casuals but we enjoy a good air combo or two.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC Costumes

hadouhadouken Aside from the new added color palettes to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Capcom will be releasing full on costume changes as DLC. The 1st 12 on the left were revealed earlier this year while some appeared in gameplay videos. Since this is the internet, people have pieced together all the other DLC costumes into one big picture.

I totally geeked out for some of these costumes. X may not be in the game but Zero gets a full on X costume and I think that should calm Mega Man fans down a bit for the lack of Blue Bomber in the game. Frank West also gets an X costume of sorts, looks more like a grunt from some 80s scifi flick though.

I'm not going to name all since I barely know half of the references for these costumes.

But to name a few you got Ryu's Fighting Street red hair and red shoes. Chris and Wesker's Resident Evil outfits as well as Jill's Resident Evil 3 clevage top. Morrigan's casual friday clothes. Amaterasu stole the skin of that wolf dude from Dark Stalkers. C. Viper in.... something. Viewtiful Joe in "Joe" mode (Pre-Henshin a Go Go Baby). Chun-Li's sexy Street Fighter Alpha tights and Phoenix Wright totally sporting his "I heart Feenie" shirt that he wears during a flash back in Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations.

On the marvel side we have a mohawk Storm, X-23 in her (I would like to say) X-Men Evolution look. Scarlet Spider for Spidey-man (woot). World War Hulk is in there, A more classic Sentinel. Doom in his swim gear. Phoenix in her 90's Jean Grey outfit (nice). Deadpool wearing Cable's belts... and hair. To top it all off we got an Elvis M.O.D.O.K.

"Click the image to get a better look"

Thanks to @estimater for showing me the pic

UMvC3 laywerin in style

take that Aside from his signature blue suit, Wright boasts a series of alternate colors as is the style of the Capcom vs. games with each set paying tribute to certain games and characters from Capcom's library.


The first set being the original look that Phoenix Wright is known for. The blazing blue suit and pants and with Maya donning her original Priestess wear.

Phoenix Wright


For every great defense attorney there is also a great prosecutor. The 2nd color scheme for Wright pays tribute to his childhood friend and rival, Miles Edgeworth. The character is very well represented with this color scheme, even down to that silver highlights on Wright's hair. Maya gets a color change too. Her colors now represent that of her deceased sister who is also Phoenix's mentor, Mia Fey. Missile's color for this set is style after Amaterasu's 2P color design.

Miles Edgeworth


In the 3rd set, Wright gives a nod to everyone's favorite bumbling detective, Dick Gumshoe. Strangely enough, Wright's color seems to match Gumshoe's pants more than his signature green trenchcoat but hey, Gumshoes' coat was originally brown so I guess green isn't really his real color. Maya's color reflects another strong prosecutor, Franziska Von Karma who is another thorn and sometimes ally in Wright's serch for Justice. *Wah-kish!*. Missile gets Ammy's 3P color.

Dick Gumshoe


If something smells it's usually the Butz. Wright steals another color scheme from one of his childhood friends. The bright orange top and black pants of Larry Butz is present and accounted for in UMvC3. Maya, bringing sexy back with the colors of the maid costume from when she helped out in Tres Bien in Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. Missile gets Ammy's 4P "Strawberry" color design. Noticing a pattern with Missile's colors.

Larry Butz


Ah, the fragrance of dark coffee. Wright dons on Godot's colors pretty well if you ask me. The green sleeves, the silver hair, black pants, and even a white tie. Very nice. Maya whips out the colors of Edgeworth's new female assistant from the Ace Attorney Investigations series. The colors of the little thief, Kay Faraday. Missile gets a unique alternate color this time by being meant to look like a stone statue.



And finally, the last color sets that made me go "kyaaa!~" with excitement. From Shu Takumi's latest creation. Wright takes on the colors of Sissel, mister "Ghost Trick" himself. The bright red suit, the blonde "Johnny Bravo"-esque hair, right down to the white tie and shoes. I am loving it. Maya takes the colors of my favourite video game ginger. Sissel's female assistant from Ghost Trick too, Lynne. Missile gets a very nice color design in this set. This time it's of Amaterasu's original design, complete with those orange swirls.



The only thing missing is a color scheme for Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright. DLC perhaps?

Thanks to @estimater to the tip.

Source [Gamespot]


Mega Man is neither apprehended nor slain. HOPE!

HOPE! I'm assuming you've all seen the new trailer for Phoenix Wright and Nova for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Along with the gameplay reveal of the new characters, some of the released gameplay videos also showed off some new stages. There's a certain detail in one of those stages that is causing a lot of buzz.

In the stage 'Future Past' there is a wanted poster showing off a bunch of characters with either the label 'slain' or 'apprehended'. Much like the Uncanny X-Men comic cover which features mutants from the X-Men series, this poster shows off a lot of characters from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Each character already has a mark. Everyone except one character that is.

List of Apprehended Characters – Colossus Ruby Heart Gambit Hayato Psylocke BB Hood Unknown?

List of Slain Characters – Cyclops Marrow Ice Man Jin Saotome Cable Amingo Captain Commando Son Son

Characters with no label or an obscured label - Mega Man

Missing Characters – Thanos Blackheart Venom Juggernaut Omega Red Rogue Sabretooth Silver Samurai Spiral Anakaris Roll Servebot Cammy Charlie Dan Dhalsim Guile Ken Bison Sakura Zangief Uncanny X-Men #141











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'ASSIST ME!' - Strider Hiryu & Hawkeye: UMvC3

ho! ho! Got the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hype? Can't wait till November? Well it seems that Max and Dr. Doom got an early copy and are hard at work to show it off.

In this episode we see some of Strider Hiryu's and Hawkeye's moves. Max covers each of their special moves, assists and supers. Now I'm not sure if they got the full version of the game or just a copy of the demo for trade shows and events etc. I've sent Max a message asking about this and will update if I get a reply.