PSP Multi-Functional Bag


As I said in my most latest Recent Buys post, I got me a PSP bag.

It was on sale at ToyKingdom for 250php and having only a dinky PSP foam case from Japan Home Center, I thought to myself "what the heck".

The bag sports a removable padded flap with 2 bands to hold your PSP. The flap has some Velcro on the side and the bag has 2 layers where you can stick the flap to. One being on the very bottom and the other being in the middle of the bag space. The top cover has a zippered mesh pocket and a Velcro sealed pocket on the inside of the bag by the back end. Included with the bag is a shoulder strap that you can clip on the outside rings on the bag so you can tote your PSP bag hands free.

PSPBag_03 The box says that the bag is for the PSP 2000 and 3000 models but if you got one of them fat PSP 1000s, you're good. I found it funny that the box shows a Region 2 mark on it's side. I doubt bags are region locked so no worries there.