Throwback Thursday - Battle Stadium D.O.N

battle stadium DON Another one of these Throwback Thursday things. It isn't really an old game but this came out in 2006 and it's been quite a ways since then so I'd say it counts.

Battle Stadium D.O.N is a 2D action brawler in similar vein as the Super Smash Bros. series but with Shonen Jump characters from Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto. You fight for control of the bar on top of the screen by collecting orgs that opponents drop when they get attacked. Earning enough orbs puts you go into a Burst state which grants you insane attack power, enough to knockout opponents in one hit depending on the attack.

Me and Jiks go into a first to five in a 4-player free for all and in a 1v1 scenario. I used to own this game on the GameCube when it first came out but for this video we are running the PS2 version.

Recent Buys: Episode 17 - PSP Bag and Dual Shocks

RB17 01

The Christmas season has just passed and I got my hands on a bit of Christmas cash. Though not exactly the best haul, these items serve their purpose.

I finally man-ed up and bought a pair of brand new PS2 controllers. The CD-RKing controllers still work fine but nothing beats the real thing. Instead of going for the generic black or solid colored controllers, plus my fetish for clear plastic, I chose to get them in clear colored plastic under the names "Emerald" and "Lemon Yellow".

RB17_02 While I was lugging my PS2 controllers around the store, I also saw that they had a PSP bag on sale. Having some extra cash on hand and with the bag not going for much, I just grabbed it's box and went to the cashier. I got the bag and both controllers in ToyKingdom, Vmall.

Before my little ToyKingdom escapade, I got another item while I was in Tacloban, Leyte for the holidays. A funny little gaming shirt I saw in the mall. I posted it on our Facebook page not too long ago but here it is again in case you missed it.


In this video, I'm testing out my new PS2 controllers as well as doing a test recording of my PS2 using my AverMedia HD PVR.


An end of an era, Sony Ends PlayStation 2 Production Worldwide


A sad day for Playstation 2 fans. Sony just announced that they will be ending all production of the most successful console to date. 

It was first announced that all production will cease in Japan, but Sony confirms to Guardian that they will be ending the PS2 reign worldwide.

Can you believe it? The console was in production for 12 years and since it's launch in 2000, Sony sold over 150m consoles worldwide. I still remember the day I got my Playstation 2, I was in 2nd year high school, I came from the mall and I couldn't wait to set it up at home. My first games were Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy X, and Metal Gear Solid 2.

It's definitely the most successful console to date. To survive more than a decade, living side by side with its successor the PS3 for years? But good things must come to an end.

[Source: GameInformer]

Halloween Special (2012) - Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3 We don't really celebrate halloween here in the Philippines but we do know that it's the perfect time to watch scary movies and a perfect excuse to play some scary video games.

Me and my cousin started a game of Silent Hill 3 last year and never really got back to it. We streamed it but with a 0.7mb upload speed then you'd know how a very dark video game would look on stream. Now I've gone the direction of local recording to provide better video quality with what I have.

So here you go, three hours of Silent Hill 3 on the PlayStaion 2. Happy halloween, guys. Forgive the hissing noise, it's from my electric fan.








Recent Buys: Episode 8 - Wireless PlayStation 2 USB Controller Microphone Adapter

cdrking priority

For this episode of "Recent Buys" there is no actual videogame that was purchased however the items that were bought are mainly for my videogame antic and adventures.

ps/ps2 to usb controller adapter

Firstly the more directly videogame related item. Another one from CD-RKing, it's the PS/PS2 to USB Controller Adapter. It allows you to use a previous generation PlayStation controller on either your PS3 or PC. A friend of mine had one of these and since his PS2 controllers work on most PS3 games he had no real reason to purchase another PS3 controller for the longest time. It took me quite a while before I found a CD-RKing branch that had one of these so your quest for one may not be easy. I tested it out on Street Fighter x Tekken and it works just fine. I am sad though that it doesn't work in Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. And here I thought I could get in some 2 on 2 Gundam VS. action on a budget.

lapel mic

As for the not-directly videogame related item, it's another microphone. To be honest I've gotten a few microphones already while searching for one that let's you actually hear me without a flood of ringing sound noise. Sure the mics I got were a little on the cheap side but finding USB mics in general seems to be a challenge for me. Maybe I'm just looking in all the wrong places. This microphone I got on impulse as I was just browsing through a shop called "The Electronics Boutique" in Robinsons Galleria. Why was I there? Well they had a wireless lapel mic set that went for only 999php which I hear is rather cheap for a lapel mic. Since my upload speed isn't grand, a more expensive better sounding mic will be a little moot. I just wanted one that could either hear the room clearly without me having to boost it to dangerous level or have one wirelessly so that I at least don't have to be right beside my laptop when I want to stream. The (I'm reading the name off the box) Trident TR-300 Professional Wireless Microphone set went for only 499.75php which was even cheaper than the set I saw previously and only needed to operate using a single AA battery for the receiver (the other needed it's own power outlet). I tested it out while playing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and even with it boosted to +20db it sounds decent which is more than I can say for my previous microphones. I definitely still need to do more tests but for the most part I'm glad I saw this.

Here is some footage of my scrub gameplay of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 using the said microphone. The gameplay audio is a bit delayed because I was running it through VLC.