Recent Buys: Episode 32 - Long Overdue

Recent Buys 32 I haven't done one of these in a while and I feel like with all that stuff I've bought this past two months and didn't make a video / post on that this is long over due.

I'm not going to count the purchases I've made since the last Recent Buys but instead I'll talk about the things that I got in the last week. First off would be Dark Souls II for the PS3. I was craving for a new game and since Will had a spare R1 copy, I took it off his hands for a cheaper price than getting off the stores.

Dark Souls II

Next up would be some PSN cards. Initially bought the $50 card to renew my PS+ subscription but then I found out about the flash sale that happened this past weekend so I also got a $10 card and bought a bunch of stuff from the sale. Off the top of my head I got Crash Bandicoot 1 to 3, RetroCity Rampage, Urban Trial Freestyle, Super Stardust HD, a bunch of Telltale games, them being Sam & Max 9, Tales from Monkey Island, Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. I also got a few other things that I can't seem to remember and I'm too lazy to boot up my PS3 to check.

PSN Cards

Lastly, more of an impulse buy if anything. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes for the PS3. Been wanting to own a Sengoku Basara game in HD but I don't want to shell out more than 2000php on a Sengoku Basara game that's in Japanese. Samurai Heroes, from what I can tell, is the exact same game as the one I played on the Wii but playing on a gamepad is much better than the flailing mess that was the Wiimote nunchuck controls. The reason I call this an impulse buy is because I went to Greenhills looking for some figurines since the shops posted their monthly arrivals on Facebook but when i got there I was told that the particular figure that I was planning to get was pulled back for some reason and the other figure that I was planning to get from another shop was already sold out. So I went around seeing if I could find anything else that I could get so the trip wouldn't be a waste. Lo and behold, Sengoku Basara for 600php. I almost also got Alpha Protocol that was going for 500php but I remembered that a convention (Ozine) is happening this weekend at SMX and I should save some money for that.

Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes

And that's it for this episode of Recent Buys. Sorry if this little series isn't consistent as to what type it'll be (either a written post, video, or just an image on our Facebook page). Anyways, until next time!

Recent Buys: Episode 30 - The Last One for 2013

RB30 The 8th Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair (or in short, ToyFair) happened at SM Megamall this past weekend and with me being me, I wasn't able to resist getting a few things.


First off, let's start with the bigger purchase. I wasn't able to find the D-Arts Elizabeth at the ToyFair itself but ended up find her at the Greenhills branch of GreatToysOnline.Com. This is based on her appearance from the fighting game Persona 4 Arena / Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. The hunt for this figure was the main reason I went to the ToyFair but since I didn't find her there, I ended up getting these instead.



Speaking of hunt, Revoltech Philippines was selling blind bags for 1250php a bag. Each bag comes with 1 random Revoltech figure, a Revoltech Philippines bag tag, a ballpen, a promo card for 20% off your next purchase at the Arigatoys, and a poster from Revoltech Philippines. I got the Revoltech Hunter (#133) wearing the Zinogre armor from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. This was actually the figure that I was hoping to get since I thought it looked cool when I saw it displayed in shops.



I went back to the ToyFair on day 3 and decided to get another Revoltech Philippines blind bag. Lo and behold, I ended up getting the Zinogre (#135) itself to match the Hunter. Though the figure itself doesn't really interest me, what are the odds that I'd get two figures related to each other that way?



Lastly, I passed by the Keybie Cafe booth specifically to look for the Chrono Cross keybie but I also ended up getting keybies of the 3 Wayfinders from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and keybie minis of the black and white mage from various Final Fantasy games.

RB30 ToyFair Keybies



Recent Buys: Episode 29 - The Big Haul

rb29 A new episode of Recent Buys showing off the things I've accumulated in the past month. I bought a lot of stuff. Stuff that is not related to the next gen consoles. Don't judge me. I like action figures.

Items in this episode: Portal 2 Lenticular 3D Post Card Revoltech Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector's Edition (US ver) Play Arts Kai Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Limited Edition

Recent Buys: Episode 28 - Gotta Buy Some Fast

rb28 Another short little episode of Recent Buys. Includes digital video games, a commemorative statue, squishy birds, and a keychain. Gotta go fast!

psn card

$20 PSN Card - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - The Walking Dead: 400 Days

SONY DSC Sonic Generations Commemorative Statue Angry Birds Mashems Minecraft Creeper Keybie from Keybie Cafe




Recent Buys Episode 27 - Double Fives

RB27 A bit late with this video and I got only two games to show off. Both of which have the number five in their titles.

Grand Theft Auto V and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate are the games shown off in this episode. GTA5 came with the Atomic blimp DLC and DoA5U came with a pop-idol costume pack and a multifiber cleaning cloth with a print of the box art on it.