Recent Buys: Episode 30 - The Last One for 2013

RB30 The 8th Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair (or in short, ToyFair) happened at SM Megamall this past weekend and with me being me, I wasn't able to resist getting a few things.


First off, let's start with the bigger purchase. I wasn't able to find the D-Arts Elizabeth at the ToyFair itself but ended up find her at the Greenhills branch of GreatToysOnline.Com. This is based on her appearance from the fighting game Persona 4 Arena / Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. The hunt for this figure was the main reason I went to the ToyFair but since I didn't find her there, I ended up getting these instead.



Speaking of hunt, Revoltech Philippines was selling blind bags for 1250php a bag. Each bag comes with 1 random Revoltech figure, a Revoltech Philippines bag tag, a ballpen, a promo card for 20% off your next purchase at the Arigatoys, and a poster from Revoltech Philippines. I got the Revoltech Hunter (#133) wearing the Zinogre armor from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. This was actually the figure that I was hoping to get since I thought it looked cool when I saw it displayed in shops.



I went back to the ToyFair on day 3 and decided to get another Revoltech Philippines blind bag. Lo and behold, I ended up getting the Zinogre (#135) itself to match the Hunter. Though the figure itself doesn't really interest me, what are the odds that I'd get two figures related to each other that way?



Lastly, I passed by the Keybie Cafe booth specifically to look for the Chrono Cross keybie but I also ended up getting keybies of the 3 Wayfinders from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and keybie minis of the black and white mage from various Final Fantasy games.

RB30 ToyFair Keybies