Throwback Thursday - Battle Stadium D.O.N

battle stadium DON Another one of these Throwback Thursday things. It isn't really an old game but this came out in 2006 and it's been quite a ways since then so I'd say it counts.

Battle Stadium D.O.N is a 2D action brawler in similar vein as the Super Smash Bros. series but with Shonen Jump characters from Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto. You fight for control of the bar on top of the screen by collecting orgs that opponents drop when they get attacked. Earning enough orbs puts you go into a Burst state which grants you insane attack power, enough to knockout opponents in one hit depending on the attack.

Me and Jiks go into a first to five in a 4-player free for all and in a 1v1 scenario. I used to own this game on the GameCube when it first came out but for this video we are running the PS2 version.