Recent Buys: Episode 17 - PSP Bag and Dual Shocks

RB17 01

The Christmas season has just passed and I got my hands on a bit of Christmas cash. Though not exactly the best haul, these items serve their purpose.

I finally man-ed up and bought a pair of brand new PS2 controllers. The CD-RKing controllers still work fine but nothing beats the real thing. Instead of going for the generic black or solid colored controllers, plus my fetish for clear plastic, I chose to get them in clear colored plastic under the names "Emerald" and "Lemon Yellow".

RB17_02 While I was lugging my PS2 controllers around the store, I also saw that they had a PSP bag on sale. Having some extra cash on hand and with the bag not going for much, I just grabbed it's box and went to the cashier. I got the bag and both controllers in ToyKingdom, Vmall.

Before my little ToyKingdom escapade, I got another item while I was in Tacloban, Leyte for the holidays. A funny little gaming shirt I saw in the mall. I posted it on our Facebook page not too long ago but here it is again in case you missed it.


In this video, I'm testing out my new PS2 controllers as well as doing a test recording of my PS2 using my AverMedia HD PVR.