Amazing trailer for The Walking Dead: Survival instinct


You got to love Activision, they sure know how to make a release date trailer. With a game based on the popular The Walking Dead TV series, I guess they don't need to show any gameplay footage at all for their release date trailer.

The release is quite close and the only thing going for this game is the fact that it's a Walking Dead game. There's not much footage of the game still, and the latest trailer still doesn't want to give us an idea of what were getting into, or what sets it apart from the rest.

March 26 is the release date for Daryl and Merl's very own video game that tells their story before the events in the tv series. The game is confirmed to be released on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

Since this trailer doesn't show much, here's a video that does, which also expains a bit more about the game. Thanks HDDreew for covering this.