The Weekend Hangover: Path of Exile


The Weekend Hangover is Too Much Gaming's Monday rumination of the games or game we played over the weekend. Sometimes there is alcohol involved in the hangover we’re nursing, but most other times there’s just too much gaming.

I updated Path of Exile to scratch my Diablo itch after the blizzcon 2018 drama that happened around Diablo: Immortal, and the recent announcement that Path of Exile is heading to the PS4. It was an opportunity to revisit the latest version of what I think is one of the best action RPG you can experience today.

In 2013, Grinding Gear Games released Path of Exile for free, an action RPG considered as the spiritual successor of Diablo II. I've returned to this game multiple times, and each time I return I'm welcomed with new content and features that further expands the possibilities in each class builds, and requires deeper reading before delving deeper into the endgame content of this loot-infested online game.

The ever-evolving  Path of Exile  Passive Tree

The ever-evolving Path of Exile Passive Tree

With how dense character building has become in Path of Exile , a guide or starting character build is essential to prevent road blocks in progressing through the game. This game is mixed with complex character customization, that my questions about PoE felt endless. I had to reach out to the community, and it was the best decision I had over the weekend, a decision I usually don't consider since toxicity is the usual welcome when you ask for any kind of assistance in this space.

To my surprise, the forums is a treasure trove filled with information and about the game, with players submitting proper responses to help you fully enjoy your time in Path of Exile. This is apparent as well in the game's in-game chat, which is filled with new blood like me that's filled with excitement for the game. there was hardly sarcasm to the most vocal players as well, giving me the impression that Grinding Gear Games is doing well to maintain their fan base.

It’s still a joy to play and I’ll delve further with my Elemental Hit Ranger Exile. Path of Exile is a fantastic game, but it’s not for everybody. Visually, it’s not the most appealing game, and the complex character customization can be a turn off by some. But if you’re eager to take on the challenge and is willing to learn every aspect that make Path of Exile’s gameplay unique, this is a rabbit hole that’s hard to come back from. It will be hard to appreciate other games in the same genre.