Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Gets Co-Op And Score Attack Modes


Eidos Montreal revealed more info about the new modes coming to Shadow of the Tomb Raider in The Forge, the upcoming DLC that arrives on November 13.

Exhibited during Microsoft's XO18 livestream, The Forge will invite players to take on new challenges and tombs, with some even allowing them to work with a friend to solve many complex puzzles. In the new trailer, we saw Lara Croft journey to a complex smithing temple hidden in the dense jungles of Paititi.

The temple houses a new threat that may put the world at risk yet again, and Lara and her ally will work together to conquer that threat. Like other DLCs from previous Tomb Raider games, the Forge will add new entirely new areas to explore and new enemies and weapons to find. Of note is a new Grenadier skill tree.

But it's the co-op play that The Forge will be adding that has us intrigued, tasking two characters to solve puzzles and complex challenges. Score Attack mode also returns in The Forge, which dares players to compete against each other in traversal and rack up points based on their performance, as well as Timed Attack Mode.

As Shadow of the Tomb Raider's first post-launch DLC, The Forge will be one of several new expansions coming to the game. Though the DLC emphasizes co-op action, you can still play through the entire scenario solo.

New content will continue over the next several months, and the season pass will grant entry into events and story missions that are to be gradually added to the game. Again, The Forge is set for launch on November 13.