Be A Divine Influencer In Godhood, A Populous-Inspired God Game


From Abbey Games, the developers of Renowned Explorers and Reus comes Godhood, a game that is exactly what you think it's about. Godhood cribs straight from the playbook of the beloved god game classic, Populous, casting you as a divine force leading your favored people to dominance.

The teaser trailer promises the opportunity to spread love, war, justice, cat worship and cannibalism among other values. Set in ancient lands and viewed from an isometric perspective, followers cannot be directly controlled but are influenced by the choices and direction of their god. Players will also have to contend with rival gods with conflicting values competing for more followers.

You'll set virtues and vices, build monuments and nurture powerful prophets. Through your guidance, your followers will grow in number and challenge rival faiths. Your religion might focus on human sacrifice or mandating free love and vegetarianism. These choices set the course for what kind of god you wish to be. Meanwhile, devotion grants you divine powers you can wield.

Godhood is all meant to be tongue-in-cheek though, much like Populous. Which is why instead of looking like some grim-dark Old Testament stuff, the game features bright hand-drawn-like visuals and a lush landscape to serve as your godly canvas. Reus was vaguely similar in giving you control of massive titans who can shape the world and Godhood looks to build on that idea further.

And while you may not be remaking the planet, but you still provide guidance and assistance to little computer people. Abbey Games confirmed that there will be a story-driven campaign built with replayability in mind, too, so watch out for that one.

Godhood is slated to launch sometime in 2019. As you wait, you can offer tribute and prayer at the game’s official site.